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Arbortext Styler

Arbortext Styler is an innovative breakthrough in stylesheet design tools that enables publication designers to create multi-channel XML-based stylesheets for automated publishing in a simplified user interface.

For the first time designers have the power to create multi-channel, XML-based stylesheets for automated publishing without the programming. With Styler, you can produce high-quality print and web output in less than a day. Get the book Arbortext 102 to learn best practices for creating Arbortext Styler stylesheets yourself.

About Styler

Arbortext Styler makes it easy to create and maintain stylesheets that support publishing to multiple types of output media.

For small-scale projects, Arbortext Author and Print is perfect for customers who only need print/PDF output.

Output Support

  • PDF, high-quality print
  • ePub
  • HTML Help, CHM
  • RTF
  • Web Archive, CD
  • wireless device formats
  • Text
  • XML

Do more with less

Features and Benefits

Arbortext Styler allows you to create a single source of style by supporting multiple output types in a single stylesheet. Specify styles for all output types or a single output.

Stylesheets are used by Arbortext Publishing Engine to transform XML content to HTML and Web pages, print or PDF, HTML Help, Microsoft Word and wireless devices.

Implement publishing standards like DITA, S1000D and DocBook easily

  • Reduced publishing costs – Develop and maintain stylesheets for multiple output types in a single user interface
  • Reduced maintenance costs – With a single stylesheet, you can control publishing for multiple output types.
  • Reduced need for specialized skills – Simplified stylesheet creation puts styling in the hands of designers reducing or eliminating the need for specialized programming skills.

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