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In this web session we will show you how you can get your product information out of the ICU with Structured Authoring using Arbortext. In an unstructured authoring environment, product information is created without constancy in construction. The process leaves you with information that has no reliability in form, no reusability of information, and degrades the overall productivity in delivering content to the end user.

  • No steady pulse of information being generated in the same manner by all content creators. Because there is no set standard, anyone creating information can do so in their own style. It's too hard to get formatting right across the entire organization—No Consistency
  • Clogged arteries of information begin to back up and choke off throughput. You can’t get the product information written up fast enough because you need to spend too much time formatting. Too much time spent on low-value tasks—Low Productivity
  • Flat lined content that you can’t do anything with. Your information is locked into serving only one purpose at a time and output to only one presentation style. Content is tied to one use and one output form—Little Reusability

Get your product information out of the ICU with Structured Authoring CPR.

Structured authoring gives you:

  • Consistency – semantic markup allows for consistency of structure. All content is generated in one standardized style.
  • Productivity – applying set styles to content allows you to focus your time on high value tasks such as content creation.
  • Reusability - markup-driven formatting creates structure that allows for profiling.

Presented by: Brandon Ibach, Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc

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Recorded: May 2010

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multichannel (omnichannel) publishing, single-sourcing

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