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Arbortext Publishing Engine

Arbortext Publishing Engine is a server-based, single system that provides the end-to-end ability to intelligently aggregate, profile and assemble content automatically to provide accurate, relevant product information, fully prepared for publishing to one or many media, such as Web, interactive and page-based formats.

There is a single-user version, small-team version and large-scale, multi-threaded server version. They all have the same output capabilities.

With Arbortext Publishing Engine, you get all the power of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) and more

APP is the main rendering engine inside Arbortext Publishing Engine, but it also includes print rendering engines that support publishing with FOSI and XSL-FO stylesheets. Learn more about the power of APP.

Supported Output

  • PDF, print, PostScript
  • Web frameset or single page
  • ePub
  • HTMLHelp, CHM
  • RTF
  • XML
  • Text
  • Web archive
  • CD image
  • Executable Help archive

Why Publishing Engine

The Top Dynamic Publishing Software.

Arbortext Publishing Engine ensures that you deliver the highest-quality, consistent product and service information throughout a product’s lifecycle.

  • Assemble and configure real-time publications that are tailored to the specific audience automatically
  • Deliver more accurate and consistent product information, in less time
  • Produce updated publications – on demand – across all of your target media to include print, Web, PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML Help, wireless devices and other media formats

With the 6.0 release, the Advanced Print Publisher is the default PDF rendering engine for the Arbortext Publishing Engine. Now, you can take advantage of APP rendering in the easy-to-user Arbortext Styler UI.

Features and Benefits

  • Arbortext Digital Media Publisher now comes free as part of Arbortext Publishing Engine.
  • Automate formatting and publishing processes, regardless of media type, to eliminate expensive, labor-intensive desktop publishing tasks
  • Speed accurate, relevant information time-to-market by reducing publishing time from weeks or months to minutes
  • Deliver customized and consistent product information to improve your user’s experience and increase product performance over its lifespan
  • Strengthen customer relationships by allowing you to instantly assemble and publish content that is tailored to specific audience requirements and delivered automatically in the media that best suits their needs
  • PE supports Styler Stylesheets, APP templates, XSL and XSL-FO stylesheets
  • Includes free access to the Arbortext eLearning library

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