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Arbortext eLearning Library

Learn quickly, apply new skills, and be more productive

Recorded versions of official Arbortext courses broken down into 1-hour segments that you can watch as often as you like. Includes training for all Arbortext products.

A convenient way to improve your proficiency with Arbortext solutions, this eLearning Library provides online access to both basic and advanced Arbortext training, so you can take training whenever your schedule permits. Training is self-paced and modular so you can learn the capabilities important to you without sitting through an entire course.

The Arbortext eLearning library contains recorded versions of official Arbortext courses broken down into 1-hour segments that you can watch as often as you like. It includes training for all Arbortext products.

** Access to the Arbortext eLearning library comes free with every Arbortext subscription license.


  • Includes courses on all Arbortext products
  • Web-based training
  • Accessible at your convenience
  • Short, easy to absorb lessons
  • Integrated with PTC's LMS
  • Pre-set and custom learning paths
  • Reports to track user activity and progress
  • Learning paths can be assigned to your staff
  • Re-watch courses as often as you like
  • Lab files and exercises included and provided to learners
  • WBT courses include video, audio, and slides
  • More than 250 training courses available

Key Features of eLearning Content

  • Unlimited access, 24×7, to all Arbortext Web-based training
  • Comprehensive courses include recorded lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises and learning assessments to reinforce lessons
  • Courses can be completed at your own pace
  • Courses are broken down into modules, so you can learn what you need to know and skip the areas you don't
  • Recorded virtual classes – a host of specialty topics taught by an instructor
  • Pro/FICIENCY benchmark assessment – an objective, Web-based tool to assess user proficiency and educational program effectiveness
  • Online communities – access to role-based discussion forums
  • eKnowledge assets – downloadable resource materials that augment training and act as handy references

Key Features of eLearning:

  • Search available courses
  • Access elearning content
  • Maintain a personal development plan
  • View complete transcripts and Pro/FICIENCY results
  • Manager views of individual and team proficiency reports

Keys to Success with eLearning:

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