Today, the Adepters Code Archive expanded to include IsoDraw code for the first time. Thanks to Trevor Hendricks from Kohler, last month's speaker for the Arbortext PTC/User Group.  Trevor Hendricks is the master of all things IsoDraw at Kohler — and everywhere else. Everyone in the IsoDraw community looks to Trevor for advice, suggestions, and guidance. Trevor has always been found at the forums at and now he's joining the Adepters Code Archive.

His presentation last month was well attended and appreciated by the attendees. He has enormous amounts of advice for handy macros to have on hand and tips for smooth operations that improves adoption by authors and deployment (and subsequent support) by staff.

Today, he sent some macro code for us to post (while he's getting all set up). Here's what he sent:

  • Resize to Frame: Resizes a selection to fit the frame
  • Update Preferences: Cleans up a .iso file to fit your preferences (handy when getting files from outside vendors)

Thanks, Trevor and we're looking forward to benefiting from your experience on Adepters!


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