Training provides the foundation for your success

At Single-Sourcing Solutions, we believe that knowledge transfer is essential for success.

Single-Sourcing Solutions instructors are experienced and professional, with exceptional listening skills and commitment to providing appropriate training and solutions for your business environment. Only when the users of the single-sourcing system are properly prepared, can anyone ensure the project's success.

We place a high priority on training, documentation, and communication. We believe that training can make all the difference in a successful outcome.

I wanted to extend to you and Janice a huge thank you for all of your knowledge that you shared in the virtual training classes for us! Sure did learn a lot and you both did an excellent job. 

You are highly recommended by the techpubs team. Thank you!

Steve S.

Sr. Manager, Avionics company

PTC Certified Training

JumpStart Training

Instructor-Led Training

Whether the class is taught on-site, virtually or in a traditional classroom, you can interact with the instructor as well as your colleagues. Learn the applications and and best practices for configuring and using them from qualified instructors using the official, hands-on course curriculum from PTC.

Single-Sourcing Solutions instructors have well over a decade's experience with the Arbortext toolset and in teaching others to put it to their best advantage. With direct access to the PTC product development and PTC consulting organizations, our certified instructors and knowledgeable training consultants ensure you get the most out of your Arbortext solution.

PTC University courses combine the most knowledgeable instructors and a comprehensive collection of traditional, virtual and self-paced online training courses into a complete blended curriculum which best meets your requirements.

Global Coverage

With 100 Training Centers across 35 countries and content in nine languages, PTC University ensures that everyone on your team, regardless of their location, is trained by proven experts using the same content and methodology.

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PTC Certified Courses

With the unique role-based Precision Learning Methodology, PTC University helps you realize the most value from your Arbortext solution with flexible learning options offered around the world.

PTC University eLearning Libraries provide 24/7 access to an entire collection of Web-based training courses. It’s training when and where you need it.

Libraries for every product:

eLearning Libraries include:

  • An entire collection of easy to use, self-paced, modular courses covering both basic and advanced capabilities
  • Recorded virtual classes so you can experience an instructor led course on your own time
  • Benchmark assessments, using our proprietary Pro/FICIENCY tool, to test your level of proficiency
  • Learning management capabilities so you can:
  • Find and register for training
  • Track enrollments and transcripts
  • Monitor progress in PTC learning programs
  • And more…

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Our JumpStart programs start where the PTC certified training leaves off.

While PTC training is necessary to navigate and operate the PTC software, for some customers, the training can be too generic. Users feel unprepared to go into full-production with only application-level training.

Our JumpStart Mentoring programs can be used independently or in conjunction with our consulting services. We have found that customers who use our JumpStart programs experience a faster implementation time and a shorter learning curve.

Our JumpStart programs are designed to take Arbortext users to the next step, to take them beyond basic product education to a level of product competence that enhances your corporate business requirements.

We customize our training to your needs.

  • Instruction Specific to Your Business: We use sample documents from your business during training sessions in the context of real processes that users follow every day.
  • Student Guides: We provide reference guides for users to review the key features covered in training sessions. We provide a full documentation set for all components, customizations, tools and processes for any implemented system.
  • Quick Reference Guides: We provide quick reference guides for day-to-day use. These guides resemble cheat sheets and often contain the simple hints that trigger deeper understanding.
  • User Training: Classroom instruction with sample documents and exercises tailored to your business.

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At Northrop Grumman we needed to complete a large conversion effort in a one year effort. I needed experienced Arbortext editors. I did not have the time or budget to train anyone. Two writers did not have experience with Arbortext, but nagged me to hire them. They told me that they were being trained by Single-Sourcing Solutions. I took the risk and to my surprise they were well-trained and, in fact, taught me a few things that I did not know about the Editor. I would recommend Single-Sourcing Solutions to anyone, because they made me successful, and I did not even have a contract with them.

Doug W.

Team Lead/Software Engineer, Technical Publications , Northrop Grumman

We are killing this job and I attribute most of that to the training that you provided us.  I feel like there is nothing I can’t do.


President, Technical writing company