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Are you an Arbortext user? Have you heard the word Adepters and wonder what it means?

Adepters is the name of the original Arbortext user mailing list which was launched in 1996. At that time there the web was still new, so this mailing list quickly became the go-to resource for Arbortext customers.

Where did the name Adepters come from?

The word Adepters merged the original name of the Arbortext editor product series Adept and the legendary mailing list for FrameMaker users, framers.

Adept Editor one half of the adepters name

After ArborText the company was acquired by PTC, the mailing list archive was preserved and moved. Each time it was moved, however, the entire mailing list history went with it.

Today, the mailing list lives at PTC Communities. That site has also preserved the entire archive as well. Anyone can read messages that date all the way back to the beginning of the list (1996).

PTC/Arbortext engineering, product management, and support staff all monitor the website as they have always monitored the mailing list. So, if you have a question, it's a good place to start.

What is Arbortext?

At one time if you heard someone mention Arbortext, you could be pretty sure they meant the Editor. It's an old habit that's hard to break because you often still hear that today.

However, today Arbortext is a full product suite. The Editor is still around, but now there's a powerful stylesheet and formatting tool, an automated publishing engine, and content management suite.

Did you know that this name is a merged word too?

To get Arbortext, the original company founders merged the city name where their original HQ was located (Ann Arbor, MI) and Text, to represent the content authoring and publishing software products they built.

After the company was acquired by PTC, the product name became the main product family name.

Want more history?

You can find stories about the history of Arbortext and pictures of the original Arbortext UI over the years on the website maintained by Arbortext Users:

Everything Arbortext In One Place

They've tried to preserve information there ever since the Arbortext page was unfortunately deleted from Wikipedia (after some marketing folks got their hands on the page...). Other than what the users have preserved over on WordPress, that history is now lost.

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