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Due to popular request we have extended the Arbortext Monster Garage for a third season. Rather than adding these episodes to the TC Dojo, we decided to keep the dojo free from any particular tool set.

However, because we have a large enough interest in Arbortext tools that we decided launch the Third Season of the Arbortext Monster Garage. In the AMG we cover only the Arbortext toolset and will be including sessions on the pieces that go into the full solution suite from Editor, to Styler, to Publishing Engine and even Arbortext Content Manager.

Our first session has already been chosen!

Building your stylesheet: A look at Modules

In this first session we will show you how to build your foundation for your first Arbortext Style Sheet using the Single-Sourcing Solutions method. This is how we create new projects for our customers and this is what we coach and mentor our customers on.

Key Concepts:


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