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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


The release notes have this to say:

  • 1357725 Files with filenames containing non-English language characters can now be opened with a double click action in explorer.
  • 2019564 Page breaks no longer lead to widowed or orphaned table rows when deep content splitting is enabled.
  • 2029013 Graphics in chapters referenced by XInclude statements now appear in preview output.
  • 2033131 Logging back into Internet Explorer via the Documentum menu after disconnecting from Documentum is now successful
  • 2045729 When composing a document using line numbering, the presence of a quick mark or bookmark no longer causes line numbers to slip onto the next page.
  • 2046042 When composing a document using line numbering, the presence of a quickmark or bookmark not longer causes line numbers to slip onto the next page.
  • 2051009 When using the PTC Server connection to download large data sets in secure environments requiring the use of client side security certificates, Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly.
  • 2052935 Selecting a stylesheet from a sorted list in the Select Stylesheet / Open Stylesheet dialog boxes opens the correct stylesheet.
  • 2054645 Bursting rules no longer fail if processing instructions are included before the topmost element in an XML file.
  • 2056617 A focus issue when Arbortext Editor is embedded (using ActiveX) inside multiple Internet Explorer windows no longer happens.
  • 2056883 Distributed DITA stylesheets now contain the correct ID generation attribute for graphics.
  • 2056961 Landscape content published to RTF can now be printed from MS Word without generating margins are outside printable area messages.
  • 2057619 Button text in the change tracking dialog will no longer appear differently on certain locales.
  • 2058772 Arbortext Editor will not consider the selection empty in some cases when all of the generated text of a tag with no content is selected.
  • 2059529 Arbortext Editor will now correctly write character entity numeric references in attribute values when converting from SGML to XML.
  • 2060233 Arbortext Editor will now allow the splitting of a document type's root tag when the tag is not the root tag of the document instance.
  • 2060298 The  entity will appear as a space in SGML documents.
  • 2061084 Dropdown lists in the Modify Attributes dialog box for attributes with enumerated values will not be populated with values that are invalid for the current tag's position.
  • 2061876 Opening an XML file through WebDAV for editing no longer results in two GET calls and associated performance issues.
  • 2062765 A DITA topic that contains references to graphic objects in Windchill can now be checked into Windchill after opening it in a new workspace from the one it was created in.
  • 2063290 PStill will now check for a temporary directory declared by the TEMP environment variable on Solaris/Linux before setting its own.
  • 2063537 The Compose->Using XSL menu item is always enabled for SGML, XML, and HTML documents.
  • 2063638 Graphics referenced with an absolute location path now display as expected.
  • 2063688 Arbortext Editor no longer stops responding when publishing documents containing sparsely-filled tables.
  • 2065637 A target search with the like operator is case insensitive.
  • 2065685 New parameters for the f=convert function for Arbortext Publishing Engine permit the specification of crop marks and registration marks.
  • 2065781 Deleting metadata from a target removes the metadata as expected.
  • 2065907 A redisplay in ditamapoutlinemode no longer causes unnecessary refreshes in a FOSI file.
  • 2066309 Hyphens are now underlined when they appear at the end of a line.
  • 2066576 ISO graphics that have scale-to-fit and one of the dimensions specified look the same in PDFs generated by both FOSI and APP.
  • 2066881 The use of spanned and non spanned cells in the same row no longer leads to incorrect placement of later cells in APP table composition.
  • 2066886 The middle row spanning beyond single page is now handled correctly.
  • 2066962 It will no longer be slow to open a file entity with many top level siblings.
  • 2067315 Use of accented characters in Generated Content variable names no longer creates errors when the stylesheet is converted to FOSI.
  • 2067320 The EpicGenerator parameter supplyDefault has been exposed in shipped profile.ccf files.
  • 2067847 The XUI scripts that are marked as usage=indirect will no longer be executed when the dialog is open.
  • 2068027 Profiling initialization code is no longer called twice when opening a document.
  • 2068279 Reduced likelihood of unwanted data being generated when a property has an empty string ("") as a value.
  • 2068560 Rules added to a spanned cell that grows by a column being inserted to it will display the correct style.
  • 2068570 The Arbortext Publishing Engine management thread deletes old transactions.
  • 2069166 The APP engine will now direct PStill to use JPEG compression when the colour image compression type is set to JPEG in the PDF printer driver options.
  • 2069184 All schema elements will be shown as valid to insert when the element's content model in the schema includes any.
  • 2069207 Using the function sess_doc_burst(dms::current_sess(), doc_open(??.?)) in a customization no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2069356 A link to a target containing a table functions correctly in PDF output.
  • 2069973 Invoking an APP macro with application.runMacro() when no document is open no longer causes an application exit.
  • 2070367 Repeating a delete (forward) character command will delete the correct character.
  • 2071369 Additional space is no longer added to tables during composition.
  • 2071547 Though generated text is not spell checked, Arbortext Editor considers the presence of white space in generated text as forcing a new word to check with respect to spell checking.
  • 2071770 A suffix to an item number now does not appear in cross references to the item in HTML output
  • 2072270 The presence of change tracking will no longer cause Arbortext Editor to incorrectly report that a text field is invalid with respect to a schema's text restrictions.
  • 2072272 Deleted content no longer appears in change tracked PDF output generated by APP.
  • 2072300 The Go To button on the Insert Link dialog for DLM will now immediately scroll to the target.
  • 2072758 Custom counters now appear in the specified format in the FOSI output.
  • 2072987 With the Arbortext Publishing Engine on a Unix machine, all EPS graphics will display in PDF output generated via PDFDirect.
  • 2073036 XPath expressions placed in headers, footers can now access the main document tree without using any edited source.
  • 2073865 The ACL $selection variable will be correctly updated when the sgmlselection preference is changed.
  • 2074162 A table that includes row spans in cells not in the first column plus a request to keep the top of the partial row together will no longer break unexpectedly to the next page.
  • 2075359 Inline equations now display as inline when composed to HTML output.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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