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In a tough market, you need to stay ahead the pack. The best way to do that is to make sure your skills are in demand. One of the highest demanded skills in the publications industry is Arbortext. No one who has Arbortext skills has been out of work in recent memory.

We are holding a one day session for you to learn what it takes to create DITA structured documents using the leading industry tool: Arbortext Editor. No one who has experience with Arbortext is out of work today (or has been in recent memory). Companies are looking far and wide for people with Arbortext in their skills toolbox. At least one company southern California and one on Long Island are hiring as many as they can get their hands on.

But you've got to know the tool. You've got to know the technology. In this economy, they aren't willing to train or let you learn on the job.

We're in the business of Arbortext and we are dedicated to continuing to grow skills in the community. We have a pageful of community projects to which every one of us here at Single-Sourcing Solutions dedicates our time. We blog and we podcast in the hopes of getting a lot of that Arbortext tribal information out of the heads of the experts and into the hands of people learning the tools. Our latest idea to help foster skill development is the: Arbortext Bootcamp. For a nominal fee, we're offering a one-day professional development seminar: Arbortext and DITA.

Learn more on the event page.

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