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The OASIS DITA standard began with IBM and it began in Arbortext. PTC/Arbortext was the only vendor invited to be a charter member of the Oasis DITA Technical Committee and participates on that committee today.

With the 5.4 release in 2010, Arbortext added support for DITA 1.2 which introduced the "keyref" feature which provides a powerful indirect addressing mechanism as well as the possibility for sophisticated conditional profiling/processing of content.

As Kristen Eberlein, co-chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee at OASIS, wrote, "Attribute-based conditional processing is a powerful feature that enables content reuse, but in a large set of documents, content can become difficult to maintain due to the number of variables. The use of keys greatly simplifies authoring and production of conditional content."

Indeed. Keyref is a significant improvement in working with and processing DITA content. In this presentation, we will explore the capabilities of the keyref feature in Arbortext.

Who should come? Anyone interested in moving to DITA now or in the future, anyone who has already begun that transition but is looking for a better way, and anyone who is just plain curious.

About the Presenter

Liz Fraley, founder of Single-Sourcing Solutions, has worked in both high-tech and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and strategy of authoring and publishing solutions as a Single-Source/XML Architect/Programmer. Specializing in practical development and deployment, she advocates designing architectures that directly improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and interoperability. She’s the founder of TC Camp, the unconference for content creators, consumers, and the people who support them. If you ask her, she’ll say she’s a gardener who’s happiest when those around her are flourishing.

Presented at

  • Silicon Valley DITA User Group
  • STC Carolina

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