In this session of Arbortext Monster Garage series by Single-Sourcing Solutions, Duan Gauche will show you how to band-aid Arbortext SIS and get your parts list out of Creo Illustrate and into Arbortext. Duan Gauche will show how to place your parts list in Arbortext Editor. He’s going to show a small app that he developed that opens a Creo Illustrate file and then automatically inserts the parts list from the selected figure into your editor session at the current position of the cursor.

View Duan’s original blog post on this subject.

About this session

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Presenter: Duan Gauche, ProductOne

Watch the Video

Recorded: December 2010

Key concepts

illustrated parts lists and breakdowns, illustrations and graphics

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Arbortext Monster Garage, Season 2, Webinars

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