Arbortext 6.0 and Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 10.0 are coming soon. With this release, comes a big change to how licensing is managed in the Arbortext product line. Arbortext licensing will be changing to FlexLM. This is the same licensing model that the other PTC products use. When you upgrade, you'll need to generate new license files for all installed products.

Here are the details from PTC:

Arbortext 6.0 Licensing Transition

Licensing for Arbortext 6.0 is now managed with FlexLM. A new feature allows users to borrow licenses for disconnected use when managing licenses with the license server. Users will need a new license file for each future major release (backwards compatible to 6.0). Read the PTC FlexNet Licensing and Installation FAQ for more information.

For the Arbortext for Aerospace & Defense S1000D/S2000M 4.4 F000 System, there are also changes coming:

Arbortext for Aerospace and Defense 4.4 F000 introduces a server based API module that must be installed on a server that has access to the Arbortext CSDB Oracle Database. This new component of the Arbortext for Aerospace and Defense software is a mandatory prerequisite installation requirement for the 4.4 F000 software.

For more details about platform support, please consult the software compatibility matricies at


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