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What is this?

This a new and inventive networking event being held at ConVEx Live 2020.


Enjoy demonstrations of how to prepare yummy drinks and meals from your peers. Recipes and shopping lists will be emailed to you ahead of the event so you can choose what sounds best to you. Join the appropriate Zoom room for your chosen recipe and dine along with others who share your culinary tastes.

Recipe for Mix & Mash: Reaction Cinema

We take user-generated and socially-connected content into a whole new world, retooled for content professionals.

This is a dish that’s never been served at a content event before. A rare dish that’s almost unknown in content and conference circles and yet daily fare so appreciated in other circles. In fact, this dish is such daily fare that it is, in fact, one of the most common dishes you find among gamers.

We’ve taken the standard ingredients, changed them up a bit, and mixed them in a way that content professionals can appreciate and use as a sampler entry into a whole new world where user-generated and socially connected content is not just thriving, but taking off in entirely new ways.

Join us in the Mix & Mash: Reaction Cinema to sample this dish and, even, throw in some ingredients of your own along the way. It’s the group dynamic contributing all together that makes it work. And makes it fun!


  • A live stream (We use https://twitch.tv/lizfraley)
  • A zoom room (See audience schedule below)
  • 1 old recorded webinar (We use the popular TC Dojo)
  • 1 original presenter
  • 1 original host
  • A group of hecklers, content professionals, and helpful critics


1. Join the video live stream, so you can see the original without compromising the integrity of the audience in the reaction cinema

2. Join the Audience Zoom room.

3. Watch the live stream

4. Add your reactions as you stream the video along with the rest of the live viewing audience. Everyone can add commentary, criticism, jokes, sarcasm, and humorous observations right along with everyone else in the audience as we all watch the live stream in this Mystery Science Theater 3000 style event.

Audience Schedule

Mon 9/21

How DITA keys work

Tue 9/22
Style Guides


Wed 9/23



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