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Arbortext Architect

Configuration, development, and prototyping tool.

Arbortext Architect provides configuration, development and prototyping tools to help developers build Arbortext applications for converting, creating, publishing and delivering documentation and publications.


  • Graphical Data Modeling editor for maintaining XML DTDs and Schemas
  • Automated assistance for generating test content for stylesheets and authoring templates
  • Legacy data conversion workbench
  • Tools to integrate custom doctypes in the Arbortext environment

Why Architect

Arbortext Architect includes a graphical user interface for development and maintenance of DTDs (Document Type Definitions) and XML Schemas.

Architect helps you customize the authoring environment by customizing and creating toolbars, embedding forms for capturing data, and creating tag aliases to support multi-lingual applications.

Arbortext Architect’s graphical data modeling interface helps you build and maintain Document Type Definitions and Schemas that support your unique business requirements.


  • Improved Productivity – Eases implementation by creating modular, maintainable XML DTDs and Schemas using the graphical data modeling editor
  • Simplified legacy migration – Enables automatic conversion of legacy content to XML in Arbortext Publishing Engine by creating conversion maps using Architect’s graphical map editor; migrate SGML applications to XML using the built-in conversion aids
  • Enable multi-lingual applications – Presenting element names to authors in their native language via tag aliases
  • Improve author productivity – Quickly and easily create document templates, custom toolbars and embedded input forms tailored to perform specific tasks

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