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Update: 2018

The Arbortext Business Unit has been given a General Manager and VP to guide the product at PTC. The new management team is being led by Pushpinder Toor, who came from the original Arbortext company. She is a familiar name to Arbortext community members because of her visibility and interaction with customers over the entire span of her tenure. We're excited to see this change and congratulate her on her new position.

From a marketing perspective, Arbortext will no longer grouped under the Servigistics product line, so expect your splash screens to change again.

Update: 2017

More changes at PTC. Over the last year, the Arbortext product line got absorbed into Servigistics and then moved again into the Windchill product line and business unit. Despite all the changes the last couple of years, some familiar names remain in charge of the products: Pushpinder Toor, PM for Arbortext Editor, and Simon Taylor, PM for Arbortext Publishing.

Update: 2015

After a couple more reorgs, Mike Campbell has left to lead another division. Except for Mike and Cindy, all of the rest of the people mentioned below have left PTC. The changes are mostly limited to high-level executive leadership changes; the core development and product management teams remain.

Update: November 2009

Mike Campbell reached out to the Arbortext User community to try to understand the dynamics of the community, our needs, and our ambitions. Several of the usual suspects that you find on the Adepters mailing list were on the call. Mike has a long history with PTC/User. He's interested in ways to improve the conference for us. He's going to work on ways to turn the conference into a real trade show for Arbortext attendees.

Announcement: October 2009

October 1, 2009, PTC formalized the formation of a new business unit dedicated to the Arbortext product line:

PTC recognizes that the Arbortext software solution is a critical component of the PTC Product Development System (PDS). The new Arbortext business unit has an extremely talented group of individuals dedicated to growing the business. Bill Berutti has been named the new DVP and General Manager of the new Arbortext Business Unit. Berutti led the acquisitions of Arbortext, ITEDO and LBS.

The direct management team includes David Reeves, SVP of Sales; David Reiling, VP of Client Services; Mike Campbell, SVP Product Development; Jon Levine, VP of Strategy and Operations; and Cindy Elliott, Director of Marketing. Although it will also include over 200 direct resources, the business unit will remain integrated with all PTC corporate functions.

We are thrilled to see this re-dedication -- both as a partner and as long-time members of the Arbortext community. We've met most of the new executive team. They are energized, focused, and excited to have this future laid out before them.

Dave Reeves is connecting with customers. Campbell has already reached out to the Arbortext community, looking for ways to improve the conference.

From a community perspective, Campbell is possibly the most interesting addition.  Working with the community is not a new thing for him: He's been an active part of PTC/User for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, there was a lot of commotion at the PTC meetings in early October when they announced Mike Campbell was moving away from Pro/E and joining the Arbortext BU.

He is well respected, admired, and genuinely liked by customers and users alike across the product lines. Indeed, I hear the same things from inside Arbortext engineering -- they're looking forward to his presence. He's interested in the products, enthusiastic at growing their capabilities, and he brings an outsider's perspective: The products are going to see change, but good change. Arbortext will be moving into the future not just doing things the same old way. I think it's going to be really good for all of us.

We're going to do a podcast with him in the new year and he'll talk about the new BU, his background, and his plans going forward as the new head of Arbortext R&D. Stay tuned.

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