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NEEDHAM, MA. - May 03, 2006 - PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company®, today announced it Arbortext customer support has transitioned to PTC's customer support systems.

PTC’s comprehensive, award-winning, ISO 9001 certified service resources are being extended to include Arbortext customers in early May 2006. This page has been created for your convenience as a guide to help ease the transition of Support Services for you, our valued PTC Arbortext Product Customer. Please bookmark and visit this page frequently to remain aware as we implement changes to our business systems to improve services levels for Arbortext customers. For complete information on PTC service offerings, please visit our Global Maintenance Support website. Please note improved services regarding our 24x5 telephone support as well as web tool availability 24x7 including the use of our knowledgebase. Look for future updates to the knowledgebase content for Arbortext products.

On-line Support Account

To access the PTC Technical Support web site, you will need an On-line Support Account.

If you have an existing account on the Arbortext or 3B2 support web site, your account will be transitioned to a PTC web account. You will use the web account information letter you received via e-mail when you access www.ptc.com.

To create a new on-line support account, go to the Arbortext Technical Support Web Site. When creating a new account, you must provide your Service Contract number.

New Terminology

Some nomenclature has changed to accommodate the change in systems. To help orient you in understanding the new terms, please review the New Arbortext Product Names and the Guide to Terminology for PTC Arbortext Customers page. Familiarity with the new terms will optimize your service experience.

New Arbortext Product Names
Old Name New Name
3B2 Desktop Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
3B2 Enterprise Server Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
Architect Arbortext Architect
CD-ROM Composer Arbortext Digital Media Publisher
Change Processing EPP Arbortext Change Page for Defense
DCAM Arbortext Dynamic Link Manager
E3 Arbortext Publishing Engine
Epic Editor Arbortext Editor
Product Information EPP Arbortext Structured Product Labeling for Life Sciences
Repository Adapters Adapter to Documentum/WDK*
Adapter to Documentum/XML*
Adapter to IBM Document Manager*
Adapter to Oracle CM/SDK*
Styler Arbortext Styler

* These are Modules in the new system. See the Guide to Terminology for PTC Arbortext Customers for an understanding of Product and Module.

Access to Existing Support Cases and Change Requests

All of your existing support cases, change requests, and enhancement requests will be migrated into PTC’s systems. You will have full access to this information via the PTC Technical Support web site. Note that all of these records will be converted to use the new Arbortext product names. For example, an existing support case filed against E3 4.4 will now be designated as Arbortext Publishing Engine 4.4.

Arbortext to PTC Call and SPR Conversion Tool

Service Contract Number (SCN)

In order to obtain support services either by telephone or by web, you will need to provide your Service Contract Number (SCN). The SCN is issued as a unique identifier to track your purchased maintenance for a PTC product or group of products. Your support contacts will have received an e-mail indicating the SCN number for your site.

For help in determining the SCN number to use when obtaining support services, contact our Global Maintenance Support team or e-mail: info@single-sourcing.com

PTC Technical Support Web Site

PTC’s Arbortext Technical Support Web Site provides a full set of on-line tools and other support services.

Creating and Tracking Support Calls

Beginning in early May, PTC’s Technical Support Tools will replace the Arbortext Case Management tool. To manage your support cases (now referred to as Calls), you will go to the Arbortext Technical Support Web Site. From this page you may:

  • Log new calls using Call Logger
  • Track existing calls using Call Tracker
  • Add notes and attachments to your calls using Call Tracker
  • Track your Change Requests (now referred to as Software Performance Reports or SPRs) using SPR Tracker
  • Look up your Arbortext case numbers to determine their call numbers in the new system
  • Look up your Arbortext Change Request numbers to determine their SPR numbers in the new system

Accessing Software and Documentation Updates

From the Technical Support web site, you may:

  • Order or download software updates
  • View all software availability
  • Track your software shipments
  • Order or download product documentation

Searching the Technical Support Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase will allow you to search for commonly reported issues. This database is in the process of being developed for Arbortext products.

You can subscribe to the Knowledge Base Monitor to receive e-mail updates as documents are created in the Product areas which are of interest to you.

Submitting Enhancement Requests

Enhancement requests are routed directly to Product Management.

  • Request enhancements to the software using the Enhancement Logger
  • Track the status of your enhancement requests using the Enhancement Tracker
  • Your existing Arbortext enhancement requests will be accessible via the Enhancement Tracker tool.

Managing Your Arbortext Licenses

License Management support for Arbortext products is available from PTC. You can contact License Management for Arbortext products in two ways:

  • E-mail license related questions and request to arbortext-license@ptc.com.
  • Call license management at one of the numbers listed on http://www.ptc.com/olm/contacts.htm or e-mail: info@single-sourcing.com

To use the license management tools, you must have both an Abortext and a PTC online account. Arbortext's License Management support tools will be accessible via https://www.arbortext.com/support/html/login.asp. They will be transitioned to PTC systems sometime in the future.

Customer Service Guide

We encourage you to read the Customer Service Guide and the Arbortext Addendum. These documents will provide more information on all of the services offered by Technical Support, Customer Care, License Management, Maintenance Support, Training, and Consulting, and the PTC web site.

We hope that this transition is seamless to you. If you experience any difficulties using your Service Contract Number (SCN) or have trouble accessing support services, please contact Customer Care via the PTC Customer Care Call Logger.

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