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Attn: All Arbortext Publishing Engine customers, specifically Solaris and Linux platform users

This letter is to formally communicate to you PTC's future Arbortext Publishing Engine product platform support and how this may impact your implementation.

On the support area of www.PTC.com, PTC has communicated the general plans for future platform support in the following articles:

  • HP®-UX on PA-RISC Support to be Discontinued in 2011 - PTC will discontinue support of HP-UX on PA-RISC platforms for Pro/ENGINEER®, CADDS® 5, Optegra®, Windchill®, ProductView® and Arbortext EditorTM in the 2011 timeframe.
  • SUN® Solaris on SPARC Support to be Discontinued in 2011 - In response to the changing technology landscape and the increasing consolidation of our customers around a smaller number of platforms, PTC will discontinue support of SUN Solaris on SPARC platforms for Pro/ENGINEER, CADDS 5, Optegra, Windchill (client), ProductView and Arbortext Editor in the 2011 timeframe.
  • Pro/ENGINEER Linux Support Discontinued - PTC Will Discontinue Pro/ENGINEER Support of the Linux Operating System with the Release of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0

Having reviewed customer product downloads and technical support case submission over the past four years, specific to Arbortext Publishing Engine customers on Linux and Solaris platforms, PTC has seen a low adoption of customers running on non-Windows® platforms. As such, PTC is planning to support Windows only with the release for Arbortext Publishing Engine 6.0. Therefore, Arbortext Publishing Engine 5.4, including all of its maintenance releases, will continue to support Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms.

Additionally, PTC has no plans of introducing support for Solaris on x86 platforms.

We recognize that discontinuing support for Arbortext Publishing Engine on the Linux and the Solaris OS may be disruptive to some of our customers who plan to upgrade to future releases. Therefore, PTC is committed to providing an acceptable migration path to all Arbortext Publishing Engine customers currently running on the Linux or Solaris operating system.

PTC would like to encourage further discussions with customers using these platforms. If you would like to provide comments or feedback, please send email to arbortext-platform-support@ptc.com.

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