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SAN JOSE, CA. - January 03, 2011 - Single-Sourcing Solutions today announced that they have launched a new webinar series called "Arbortext Monster Garage".

Inspired by the popular "Monster Garage" television show on the Discovery Channel hosted by Jesse G. James, Single-Sourcing Solutions decided to call the series "Arbortext Monster Garage." On the TV show, a team of people with mechanical, fabricating, or modifying expertise gathers together to modify a vehicle into a "monster machine." In this new series, Single-Sourcing Solutions is gathering people from the Arbortext community who have modified, streamlined, co-opted, and wrenched their applications to achieve outstanding, interactive, and impressive content and highly effective content creation-publication workflows.

“We always talk about the ease of use and the out-of-the box advantages to Arbortext suite of products. We don't always talk about the sizable API that opens the entire application to developers. Yet, for many of us, it was one of the primary advantages of the Arbortext platform,” said Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions, "Over the last year, we discovered that this ability to tweak every aspect of the product and the content that comes out as a result is no longer so obvious to people who are new to the eco-system. And we wanted to do something about it."

With any dynamic publishing system, companies get the benefits of reuse and topic-based authoring. The Arbortext API is where one of the real differentiators lies. It's one of the true advantages customers get by choosing Arbortext: Nearly every corner of the application is open to developers at no additional cost. An Arbortext customer's ROI improves as they grow because the platform is open to them and grows with them.

The series is designed to teach Arbortext users how to leverage their investment in the Arbortext product line to continually grow their ROI. The series will showcase users from the community demonstrating techniques, tips and tricks that they have used in the past, discoveries they have made, and showcasing new features.

The series will run twice a month, on the second and fourth Fridays. The calendar will be published in advance, so that users can see what's coming and sign up for those sessions they're interested in and plan their attendance well in advance.

The series will include sessions for beginners as well as for expert users. It is divided into several tracks and are titled with the same sense of humor that inspired the series -- "Content Paint Job", "Cafe con UI", "Living the XUI", "Welcome to the Garage", "Experimenter's Lab", "Composition Drag Race", "The Tappit Brothers", and "Arbortext Open Tool Kit". All sessions are intended to address those areas where the rubber meets the road. The series will draw "shop coach" presenters from the community, including staff from PTC, Single-Sourcing Solutions, customers, and other PTC partners.

About Single-Sourcing Solutions

Single-Sourcing Solutions is reseller of PTC’s Arbortext and Arbortext Content Manager (Windchill) products. With over a decade’s experience with the Arbortext toolset and in the practical development and deployment of mission-critical, custom XML development, Single-Sourcing Solutions has the expertise required for successful dynamic information delivery. Single-Sourcing Solutions is active in the global Arbortext community and related information development communities.

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