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SUNNYVALE, CA. - January 22, 2014 - Single-Sourcing Solutions is excited to announce the second annual TC Camp, the unconference for the Technical Communications community. An unconference is an event where users suggest topics, get together and discuss them in detail. TC Camp is an Unconference focused on Technical Communications issues, skills, challenges, and the various applications used by technical communicators.

The purpose of TC Camp is to provide a local bay area conference for technical communicators that is driven by the members of that community–writers, editors, designers, and the people who support them.

"TThe 2013 TC Camp was a great success. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive and almost everyone who attended expressed an interest in coming to the 2014 camp and even bringing more people with them. We are pleased to host the second annual TC Camp this year" said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions.

"The local STC chapters have called TC Camp the best thing to happen to the industry in a decade. We hope the 2014 TC Camp will be even bigger and better," said Fraley.

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Single-Sourcing Solutions is reseller of PTC’s Arbortext and Arbortext Content Manager (Windchill) products. With over a decade’s experience with the Arbortext toolset and in the practical development and deployment of mission-critical, custom XML development, Single-Sourcing Solutions has the expertise required for successful dynamic information delivery. Single-Sourcing Solutions is active in the global Arbortext community and related information development communities.

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