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SUNNYVALE, CA. - June 30, 2016 - Single-Sourcing Solutions CEO, Elizabeth Fraley, wrote her first book, “Arbortext 101” to help tech writers learn the basics of the Arbortext software. This is the first retail book about Arbortext ever published commercially.

The book was written and published using Arbortext tools. Her easy-to-follow approach offers practical tips and pointers enabling readers to quickly get started developing dynamic and multi-channel content using Arbortext. "I wanted to provide new users with a solid foundation," said Fraley. "The basic Arbortext setup is simple if one follows some basic best practices. Users can get set up and working in less than a day. Too often consultants take advantage of customers and this book will go a long way to empowering users and providing a way for them to evaluate the work product they receive."

Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. "At last!" said Todd Hicks, a well-known Arbortext community leader. "A book like this has been needed for many years by the Arbortext community. The writing is clear and concise, not too “tech-y” (but just technical enough), and covers everything an Arbortext configurer needs in order to set up shop with this complex software suite. I wish I had had this book long ago to help me navigate the potential pitfalls of setting up Arbortext in a multi-user environment. The best practices shown here will result in a very clean, manageable Arbortext configuration."

The book will be available on Amazon in both print and electronic publication. It will be part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program which allows members to read the book for free.

To find out more about the book, please visit http://arbortext.training

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