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SUNNYVALE, CA. - 30 June 2017 - Single-Sourcing Solutions is pleased to announce that the Arbortext Monster Garage imprint has sold over 100 books. This new imprint, launched just last year, was created to publish books about the PTC Arbortext product suite.

"We're celebrating over here," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "Our customers have been asking us to distill everything we've been teaching them about Arbortext into one or more books for years."

The original Arbortext product launched in 1991. It was the first commercial product to support DITA authoring and has long been considered the gold standard for XML authoring and publishing. Arbortext developers and customers have always been dedicated to sharing information but that communication has traditionally been limited to message boards, email lists, and conference presentations.

Before the Arbortext Monster Garage imprint was launched in mid 2016, only once has Arbortext been in a commercial book. JoAnn Hackos' book about DITA authoring used Arbortext Editor in the examples.

"We weren't sure how the first book, Arbortext 101, would do when we expanded the Arbortext Monster Garage to include a book imprint," Fraley said. "But we kept running into long-term deployments where consultants and implementers had made choices totally at odds with best practices. We knew that most Arbortext users have been using the product for a long time but we really hoped that these books would eventually penetrate. We had no idea it would do so well so quickly."

The Arbortext Monster Garage book series currently has two titles in it's catalog:

And Ms Fraley has several more planned. Two of which are already in the works. "We're working on Arbortext 103 and 104 now," Fraley said. Arbortext 103 is expected to cover Arbortext content in Windchill, while 104 will be an omnibus with bonus content covering Publishing Engine. Other books are in the planning stages, including a book on working with MILSPEC publishing and one on DITA specialization.

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