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SUNNYVALE, CA. - 20 September 2020 - Single-Sourcing Solutions CEO Elizabeth Fraley and Director of Operations Janice Summers were interviewed by Meaningful Content Mixer Podcast hosts Sara Feldman and Bonnie Chase. The Meaningful Content Mixer podcast features discussions between experienced content professionals dedicated to connecting the dots across content disciplines.

In the podcast, Fraley and Summers talked about structured authoring, why Room 42, a virtual video and podcast series creates space for both academics and practitioners to gain insights from each other, was developed, and why getting out of your comfort zone leads to more meaningful content.

"I think it's important," Summers said, "that bridge that we're creating. Listen from a practitioner's perspective: We're trying to convey scientific information to a non-academic audience, technical understanding. If you understand the arts and humanities of your audience, you can integrate that into the language that you use. Then you can benefit from that research that was just done."

The episode included discussion about the way Single-Sourcing Solutions consultants encourages customers to step out of their comfort zone to make real progress and how connecting with research can help.

"It's about discussion and argumentation and dialogue to stimulate critical thinking," Fraley said. "We have always done this with our customers. We don't just say: here's what it is, throw it over the fence, have a nice day. Let's work this out until both of us can verbalize it, then we really know that we know. We can take action and dig out those assumptions, those underlying presuppositions that blind you from taking an action because you don't even realize you're making that assumption. It's not always comfortable, getting out of your comfort zone."

The Meaningful Content Mixer Podcast is an independent podcast about empowering professionals to learn from each other and create meaningful content. The 6th episode of Season 1, featuring Single-Sourcing Solutions CEO Elizabeth Fraley and Director of Operations Janice Summers is available on a variety of services including iTunes and Google Play.

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