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SUNNYVALE, CA. - 22 November 2019 - Single-Sourcing Solutions is pleased to announce that Janice Summers has published her first book, "Arbortext for Authoring: An Author's Guide to Getting Started with Arbortext Editor." To date, all retail books about Arbortext have focused on its technical aspects.  This is the first book aimed at technical writers who are faced with Arbortext Editor for the first time.

This book is part of the Arbortext Monster Garage series and, like the others, was written and published using the Arbortext product suite.  Full of exercises designed to give readers hands-on experience and raise confidence levels, "Arbortext for Authoring" is a guidebook to help both veteran writers, who only need to learn a new tool, and writers who are new to the field of technical authoring. 

Janice Summers is well known for her gentle teaching style. Her decades of mentoring, coaching, and training is uniquely suited for new Arbortext users who have only ever had experience with Word. "While this book cannot replace real training," Summers said, "I wrote this book specifically to help authors master the basics and reach a place of confidence." 

The book will be available on Amazon in both print and electronic publication. It will be part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program which allows members to read the book for free.

To find out more about the book, please visit http://arbortext.training



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