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SUNNYVALE, CA. - February 11, 2020 - Single-Sourcing Solutions announces the launch of a new service designed to help new and existing Arbortext customers get a second opinion on quoted software and services for XML authoring and publishing and related technologies and skill development.

"The idea behind this service stems from our experience as a PTC Channel Partner," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "No one likes spending money they don’t need to spend. Year after year, customers would come to us after they'd already purchased software that was more expensive than their needs required. They'd been frustrated by their experience with another partner and needed someone who cared more about making sure they had the right solution than one that put more dollars into an authorized, but unqualified and inexperienced, reseller's pocket."

This new service provides new and existing Arbortext customers with the ability vet what a consultant or reseller has quoted and know that the quote matches their needs or whether a different product configuration exists that better fits their situation. Because Single-Sourcing Solutions is not part of the transaction, there's no incentive to deliver either a positive or a negative review and customers can feel confident that the review is truly neutral and independent.

"We will let customers know if we feel the quote matches the need or whether there is a product configuration that better fits their situation," said Fraley. "Because we are not part of the product sale, we can provide an independent review of the situation that customers can be confident in. No one likes surprises, especially if they’ve already spent money they didn’t need to spend."

This new service is prix fixe and available publicly on the Single-Sourcing Solutions website. Pricing is public and customers can schedule appointments online, allowing them to estimate time constraints, cost, and corporate requirements.

Independent Verification Service Appointments: https://www.single-sourcing.com/project/independent-validation-and-verification/

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