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SUNNYVALE, CA. - July 7, 2020 - Single-Sourcing Solutions today announced that they have launched a new live podcast series called Room 42. The Room 42 series will showcase academic humanities and STEM researchers who are working on vetted, peer-reviewed, humanities-related research in and around content, writing, rhetoric, argumentation, pedagogy, analysis, linguistics, and other topics related to technical and professional writing.

"After 12 years of webinars, including 8 years of the TC Dojo, and two decades of conference experiences as an attendee, presenter, and exhibitor, we were ready for something different," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "We started planning Room 42 in late 2019. We'd already decided to focus on humanities academic research related to communication and writing professionals. We were exploring the format options when we realized that we weren't the only ones looking for something new," Fraley said. "It was during the pandemic, when so many more people joined the remote workforce, that we heard about companies holding group meetings in the metaverse--one company was having group meetings inside the Red Dawn Redemption video game--when we knew we were on the right track."

Room 42 takes the best parts of traditional webinars, interview-style podcasts, and online teaching to create a new virtual learning experience. Programmatic content will be done in an interview-style, by foregoing the typical webinar/slideshow presentation model and adopting a conversational approach. 

"We're confident in our skill in translating academic speech and assisting in making academic research more accessible for a general audience," said Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "After all, that's what we've always excelled at. We can take people from Word to XML in weeks. It's one of our core strengths: the ability to communicate very technical material to the general public." 

The series will run every other week and be syndicated on the major distribution channels. 

Room 42 Landing page: http://room42.single-sourcing.com

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