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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


DITA Application Changes: DITA 1.2 Specification Updated

With this release, the OASIS DITA 1.2 specification included in the Arbortext Help Center is updated to the public review draft released by OASIS on July 7, 2010. The latest version of the specification includes not just the language reference but also the architectural specification and other information. The final version of the specification will be included in a future release of Arbortext Editor.

SPR Fixes

Arbortext Editor

  • 1969444 — When the javavmpath Advanced Preference and set option is used to reference an external VM, an error message about a missing JVM no longer is displayed when starting Arbortext Editor.
  • 1973704 — Fixed issues with managing entities and XML inclusions used by documents that are previewed for printing.
  • 1983459 — Platform Support on page 10 now includes minimum hardware requirements for running Arbortext Editor on Windows 7.
  • 1983685 — Fixed API issues with returning the proper fallback value when an XML inclusion is missing.
  • 1991771 — Saving an SGML document as XML now adds the needed namespace declaration for change tracking if the document contains any markup used by change tracking.
  • 1994715 — Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when checking the completeness of an element allowed to contain repeated children.
  • 1995204 — The Find Processing Instruction dialog box now work correctly on non-English locales.
  • 1995424 — Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when inserting PNG images with one bit per pixel, but palettes with more than 2 entries.
  • 1996434 — Arbortext Editor no longer displays the message [A12490] Internal parser error - recursive read and terminates in certain cases where a FOSI stylesheet uses #FOSI, or a system-func function that calls fosivar_value().
  • 1998152 and 1998156 — Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly in some conditions after saving a DITA map's Resolved Document for Editing that includes change tracking.

Arbortext Publishing Engine

  • 1980173 — Error messages are no longer displayed when starting the Arbortext Publishing Engine Configuration program with no default printer specified.

Composition and Publishing

  • 1952447 — When publishing documents using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP), the space before and space after settings applied to titles are now honored by repeated titles when repeated with at top after break.
  • 1977726 — When composing DITA documents, the proper <shortdesc> content now publishes in the document in situations where the document's map file contains a map reference following a chapter, and the nested map contains <topicmeta> content.
  • 1982017 — Addressed an issue causing a specific italic font to not appear italic in PDF output.
  • 1983074 — When publishing documents to PDF with the usedistiller Advanced Preference and set option set to off, cropmarks defined in the PDF configuration file will now appear in the correct place in rotated output.
  • 1983265 — Rotated content is now handled correctly in PDF documents composed with the usedistiller Advanced Preference and set option set to off and crop marks enabled.
  • 1984495 — Improved handling of margins for tables or blocks that are rotated and then published using APP.
  • 1984871 — When publishing documents using APP, non-numbered table of contents entries now render with proper alignment as they no longer use follow number with settings of space or em-space.
  • 1985179 — Fixed issues where property preservation in tables was erroneously enabled mid-cell allowing properties to persist into subsequent cells or beyond the table when publishing documents using APP.
  • 1985357 — When publishing documents using APP, changing font heights for elements that have relative values for aligning bullets or numbers no longer causes the align points and the indent to resolve to different values.
  • 1986623 — When publishing documents using APP, fixed length leaders now render with the correct applied colors and vertical shifts.
  • 1986646 — When publishing documents using APP with stylesheets containing multiple conditions, the specification of an ancestor on one test is no longer erroneously used in subsequent tests.
  • 1987615 — When publishing documents using APP, if scaling is applied around an EPS graphic, the graphic is no longer cropped instead of scaled.
  • 1987818 — When publishing DITA documents to HTML and the Web, metadata tags are no longer duplicated in the published HTML files.
  • 1988748 — When publishing documents using APP, template files can now be referenced using paths relative to the stylesheet location.
  • 1988776 — When publishing documents using APP with a stylesheet containing source edits, chapter numbering is now restarted correctly.
  • 1988801 — When publishing documents to PDF with the usedistiller Advanced Preference and set option set to off, color changes will be retained from one page to the next.
  • 1989017 — When publishing using APP, stylesheet attribute tests on an element’s ancestor now return correct results.
  • 1989474 — Fixed issues where elements set to keep may break erroneously in certain situations when publishing documents using APP.
  • 1989472 and 1989483 — Fixed issues with leaders and page numbers in tables of contents when publishing documents using APP.
  • 1989483 — Fixed issues with leaders and page numbers in tables of contents when publishing documents using APP.
  • 1989484 — Fixed issues with line breaks near punctuation when publishing Thai documents using APP.
  • 1991214 — When publishing documents using APP, the internal logging mechanisms can now be redirected.
  • 1991415 — For documents containing elements with multiple profiles applied, fixed issues resulting in ill-formed HTML when publishing to HTML Help, Web, and Digital Media Publisher.
  • 1993586 — When publishing using APP, Hebrew, Arabic, and Thai documents index groups are now supported.
  • 1994894 — Setting dontModifyHref to true in the composer parameters array will prevent fileref attributes which refer to CMS graphics from being changed to refer to the locally downloaded file.
  • 1995659 — IsoView graphics are now handled properly in HTML output when the XML document type uses the entity method for referencing graphics.
  • 1996090 — The value of StyleSheetInfo/@chunkMaxLevels (an undocumented attribute) in the stylesheet file is now ignored and no longer affects the maximum level of chunking.
  • 1997588 — The APP Formatting Object Model tsavetxt macro has been updated to allow an XML tree stream without a text buffer to be saved. This feature is only available for the editorDom0 stream created by Arbortext Editor or PE. The syntax of the command is unchanged.
  • Use the following syntax to save the editorDom0 stream to an alternative stream in the document: tsavetxt "editorDom0","{0}alternateStream.Xm"
  • 2000234 — When using APP to publish documents with AttributeModifier used in headers or footers, elements are now properly modified.

DITA Application

  • 1994071 — You can now use a custom rdedit.fos or reedit.style stylesheet when creating a Resolved Document for Editing in the same way as you could previous to the 5.4 release. As part of this change, the following new ACL function is available: doc_default_stylesheet_path([use[, doc]])This function returns the full path and file name for the stylesheet that will be used by default for the given use and document doc.Valid values for use are:
    • 0 — Arbortext Editor
    • 1 — Print and PDF
    • 2 — HTML File
    • 3 — HTML Help
    • 4 — Web
    • 5 — RTF
    • 6 — DMP

    If no document is specified, the doc parameter is the value of current_doc.

    If, for example, you opened a document with the doc_open() function, and passed the 0x200 flag to not load a stylesheet, you could then use doc_default_stylesheet_path(0, doc) to determine which stylesheet would be used as the editing stylesheet if you were to pass the document to doc_show().

    The value returned does not reflect what stylesheets the document is currently set to use. It reflects what stylesheets would be used for the document if the document were opened in Arbortext Editor with no special application code. If use is 0 (Arbortext Editor), the stylesheet returned is determined by stylesheet association if one exists, or name and location. For example, by docname.style or doctype.style if such a file is found. For other uses, an empty string is returned unless there is a stylesheet association for the specified use.

Dynamic Link Manager (DLM)

  • 1873046 — DLM now removes atidlm:linkcontent tags when they are pasted outside of a DLM link.

Arbortext Styler

  • 1979275 — Previously, when an element was styled as an index term using the attribute model, any content of that element was ignored for RTF output (because such an element was assumed to be a singleton). Such content is now processed and (presumably) emitted after the field code for the index term.
  • 1990954 — The automatic conversion from a FOSI to a .style file no longer generates obsolete code for underlining, preventing Arbortext Styler from recognizing the underlining.
  • 1991784 — When generating FOSI edited source for a context for a title that has repeating titles, occasional undefined FOSI elements rendered as pink tags in the resulting print preview output no longer occur.

Arbortext Import/Export

  • 1980924 — A File Not Found message is no longer displayed when trying to import a file using an import map stored within a .zip archive.
  • 1985156 — Fixed issues with proper style names being included in documents exported to RTF on non-English locales.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapter

  • 1976419 — Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when bursting documents with stylesheets using certain XPath expressions.
  • 1988803 — When working with the PTC Server connection and choosing to open a document in Arbortext Editor using the Open in Arbortext Editor action in Windchill, choosing Cancel on the Change Active Workspace dialog box now properly cancels the opening of the document when cancelling the change to the workspace.
  • 1995147 — Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when attempting to connect to the PTC Server connection if siteprefs.xml has not been properly configured.
  • 1996844 — When using the PTC Server connection, Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when trying to view an object that has previously failed to be checked in.
  • 1998188 — When using the PTC Server connection, SGML files referenced from DITA maps are now properly imported to Windchill.

Arbortext Command Language (ACL)

  • 1989827 — The quit callback type of session_add_callback now has a new system parameter which allows the callback to differentiate between an application and a system-wide shutdown. The function prototype is now: function funcname(code, system) system is a boolean value, where 0 is a normal application exit, and 1 means Arbortext Editor is closing due to a system shutdown such as a user logout or system restart.

AOM (Arbortext Object Model)

  • 1983236 — The DOMNodeInserted event will now be dispatched properly when change tracking is on.


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