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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


  • The Insert button of the Tag Template dialog box is now enabled when a new template is created. (374650)
  • Splitting of list items with required child elements now works properly when the addrequiredtags Advanced Preference and set option is set to on. (1937365)
  • Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when ACL code that is called from Java throws an uncaught exception (1956865)
  • When using the PTC Server connection to check in DITA map files, a checkbox is now available on the Check In dialog box, allowing authors to optionally check in topics referenced from the map. (1966619)
  • Corrected text stroke and wrapping issues in CGM images. (1966705)
  • Copied Microsoft Word paragraphs containing only a single punctuation character can now be properly be pasted into Arbortext Editor documents. (1971780)
  • Noted in Limitations and Documentation Notes on page 14 that table cell margins are specified using values in points. When specifying margin sizes, the value must be an integer. (1972389)
  • Arbortext Import now properly imports Framemaker MIF files containing certain information in FrameMaker text boxes. (1980182)
  • When using Arbortext Architect, the message "Document is modified, please save or revert it before continuing" no longer appears when choosing File ▶ ▶ Open. (1981079)
  • ASCII spaces between tags in markup are now properly preserved when publishing documents to RTF. (1982165)
  • Framemaker MIF 8.0 files using UTF-8 encoding are now properly imported. (1982387)
  • Improved Arbortext Editor messages for the cases where errors occur when attempting to write a recovery (.crf) file. (1986930)
  • Tables in text boxes in Framemaker MIF files are now properly imported. (1987458)
  • Improved performance when performing many file burst operations in the same Arbortext session using the PTC Server connection. (1992803)
  • Arbortext Styler now allows users to pick Hebrew, Arabic, and Thai as languages for indexing when publishing using APP. (1993586)
  • Microsoft Excel data is now properly pasted from spreadsheet files stored on mapped network drives. Microsoft Excel must be installed on the local workstation, not run from a networked drive. (1994387)
  • DITA enhanced completeness checking now reports more detailed information for incorrectly formatted references to sub-topic content. (1994532)
  • Updating references in DITA documents now automatically fixes references to non-topic markup that does not include the topic ID. (1994918)
  • Markers in text boxes in Framemaker MIF files are now properly imported. (1996399)
  • When publishing documents using APP, cell borders in custom tables within a standard table are no longer displayed when custom table borders are set to None. (2000636)
  • When using the PTC Server connection, carriage return characters in imported topic file names will not be included in their object names. (2001930)
  • When using the PTC Server connection, undoing a checkout no longer turns off the display of generated text. (2003028)
  • When using a FOSI to style an element that is inside a suppressed (hidden) region of a document and that references a scoped time-independent variable, Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly after reporting "assertion failed: sd, file ../src/crule.c". (2003276)
  • PE now supports switching between different DLM databases. Specify the name of the DLM repository to connect to by passing an atidlmdb entry in the parameter map used by DLMClient.login () (Java) or dlm_establish_session() (ACL). The specified database will override the one defined in the DLM client configuration file. (2003843)
  • Checking the completeness of a DITA map now checks for DITA errors in topics and maps referenced from the map regardless of whether those objects are stored in a CMS or on the file system. You can disable this behavior using the ditacheckreferences Advance Preference and set option. Formerly, related topics and maps would only be checked if they were not CMS objects. (2004005)
  • Images with negative bounding box values are now properly rendered when publishing documents to PDF with the usedistiller advanced preference and set option set to off. (2004264)
  • Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when deleting an element containing an embedded 3D graphic or an embedded dialog box followed by a table. (2005465)
  • When publishing documents to the web, the ability to specify a particular file be displayed in the main frameset pane has been restored. To specify a particular file, append ? startat=filename.htm to the calling URL. For example: http://www.yoursite.com/doc/default.htm?startat=filename.htm (2006145)
  • When using APP to publish documents, elements containing CDATA sections now publish properly. (2006828)
  • When using the PTC Server connection and PDMLink, you can now choose View and Edit from the browser to work with SGML and HTML files in Arbortext Editor. (2006838)
  • When publishing documents to PDF with the usedistiller advanced preference and set option set to off, changing page sizes from 8.5x11 to 17x11 and back to 8.5x11 no longer results in all pagesets remaining at 17x11 once a 17x11 page begins. (2007682)
  • HTML tables with no tbody tag now have their table and caption tags displayed correctly in the Edit view. (2009498)
  • Footnote content is now displayed with the correct font size in the Edit view. (2009899)
  • Improved the execution time of the substitute command and other operations on large text documents. (2011172)

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