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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


All Arbortext products have been affected in the 5.4 M80 release. Platform support, browser support, languages and localization are all addressed in the release notes. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read through them.

The release notes have this to say:

  • 1243503 DOM events are now properly fired for tags that are inserted due to being required for inserting another tag.
  • 1281667 Fixed several issues related to Chinese Pinyin indexing.
  • 1429952 After publishing documents to the web, certain browsers will no longer underline the indentation white space in some table of contents entries.
  • 1983697 When floating full-page graphics opposite pages containing textual content (typically parts lists) that extends for more than one page, a single line of text will no longer occasionally appear on the same page as the graphic.
  • 1985162 Choosing to paste numbered and bullet lists with the Paste Special dialog box no longer improperly removes hyphenated content.
  • 1996837 When using the PTC Server connection to open an object in a workspace different than your current Arbortext Editor workspace, an error message is no longer displayed.
  • 2000138 Arbortext Editor now prompts for confirmation if a replacement using the Find/Replace dialog box would result in the removal of markup.
  • 2000493 Addressed overflow issues with nested blocks and tables at the start of table cells when publishing documents using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher.
  • 2001048 To improve screen redraw performance, Arbortext Editor no longer redraws the screen during a Replace All operation.
  • 2006828 Code examples missing from the PDF version of the Arbortext Import Reference and other PDFs has been restored.
  • 2011913 Inline content in elements styled as Preformatted (or as as-is elements) is now properly handled when exporting documents to RTF.
  • 2013036 When publishing documents using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, changes to the hyphenation setting on inline elements are now used appropriately.
  • 2015210 Documents with processing instructions inserted prior to the document type declaration no longer cause the Arbortext Editor compare feature to fail.
  • 2016705 When upgrading an existing deployed Arbortext Editor compact installation, the proper directory is now specified in the deploy.xml file.
  • 2016900 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly in some cases when showing object boundaries in the Edit view for documents that have objects nested 5 or more deep.
  • 2016921 The presence of a userule=3 in a FOSI no longer results in the message “The following errors have occurred: [A11278] Right operand of '==' must be OID (object identifier) (at line 148 of file "... applicationcom.arbortext.smascripts_ptcsma.acl")”.
  • 2017164 Composed DITA maps and topics will optionally no longer have the xml:lang attribute on the root element set to the specified default language code if the attribute has not already been specified on the element. To disable the setting of this attribute value, enter the following command at the Arbortext Editor command line:dita::_setDefaultLanguageInComposition(0)To enable the setting of the attribute value, enter the following command at the Arbortext Editor command line:dita::_setDefaultLanguageInComposition(1)The default language code is en. The default language code can be changed by entering the following command at the Arbortext Editor command line, replacing code with the character code of the desired language. Entering no characters between the quotes will set the default language to the empty string. dita::_setDefaultLanguage("code")
  • 2017239 FOSI ACL code is no longer triggered unnecessarily by the oid_detailed() function.
  • 2017291 Fixed an issue causing a specific case of using the find command with a regular expression to find tags to not work correctly.
  • 2018795 Arbortext Editor no longer incorrectly considers a subset document as being out of context in certain situations.
  • 2018846 Inserting a tgroup in an empty OASIS table no longer causes a context error if the table already contains a title.
  • 2019308 Entity references are no longer expanded when creating a new topic document using the Resource Manager.
  • 2022022 Arbortext Editor no longer fails to paste namespaced tags in certain instances.
  • 2024392 Fixed issues with href links no longer resolving to subtopics within topics after changing or moving the order of topic references to them in DITA maps.
  • 2024450 Certain unsupported keeps settings are now properly ignored when exporting documents to RTF.
  • 2024668 When publishing documents using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, footnote numbers are no longer repeated in certain situations.
  • 2024789 Completeness checking no longer incorrectly shows the tag level being exceeded for multiple, sibling CDATA elements.
  • 2025685 When publishing to PDF using Adobe Distiller, certain table size and rotation issues are addressed by setting the APTDISABLESHORTCORRECTION environment variable to any value. Note that this environment variable may not be supported in future releases.
  • 2027168 You are now prevented from naming a custom macro the same name as an Arbortext Command Language command or reserved word. Previously, naming a macro the same name as a command could cause unexpected results.
  • 2027441 Addressed certain issues that may have caused Arbortext Editor to report an unhandled exception when publishing PDF documents.
  • 2028122 Improved performance when replacing many occurrences of a string in a very large text file.
  • 2028154 The Arbortext Editor Save Application feature now works properly on systems configured with Java System property values greater than 4,095 characters.
  • 2028753 When publishing documents to the web, individual topics can be linked to directly, and will automatically open within the generated frame.
  • 2029995 When using Arbortext Styler to create pageset edited source, large headers and footers are now properly referenced.
  • 2030295 Addressed overflow issues with nested rotated tables or blocks when publishing documents using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher.
  • 2030317 Publishing documents to PDF using Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher no longer fails when the document contains certain 32-bit bitmap images.
  • 2031293 When not set to hidden in the stylesheet, index terms now appear inline in web, DMP, and HTML Help output.
  • 2031587 Page breaks no longer lead to widowed or orphaned table rows when deep content splitting is enabled.
  • 2031848 When opening a document by double-clicking on a reference or by selecting the Open Reference menu item while editing a DITA map or topic, the default stylesheet of the document type used by the document being opened will be used instead of the stylesheet used for the map.
  • 2032419 If Arbortext Editor prompts for credentials when accessing an http(s) resource and the wrong credentials are supplied the first time, Arbortext Editor no longer becomes unresponsive when credentials (correct or otherwise) are entered on the second try.
  • 2032667 When publishing documents as DMP images, non-English index terms now sort as expected when displayed in Digital Media Consumer. You can further customize index sorting by adding new entries to any particular locale defined in the following file:layouttemplatedefaultWEB-INFconfigindexterm_templates.xml The location of the inserted character in the list will specify where the character sorts in the list of index terms.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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