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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


Note, also, that with the 6.0 release, Unix platforms are no longer supported but IPv6 is.

The big fix here should be the update to the Java VM as 6.0. F000 came out just before a major bug was reported and fixed in Java. I can't tell whether this is fixed in this release or not. I'll update when I have better information.

SPR Fixes

  • Table border enhancements
  • DITA Application changes: Equation support is removed
  • New API for importing XLIFF files into Styler
  • Changes to the PTC Server adapter for Arbortext Content Manager, Windchill PDMLink, and Windchill ProjectLink
  • And lots of performance enhancing fixes.

Editor Fixes

  • 1246434 Equation PIs can now be parsed by Arbortext Editor.
  • 1264023 A document is no longer marked as modified when change tracking is enabled while the document is open.
  • 1357725 Files with filenames containing non-English language characters can now be opened with a double click action in explorer.
  • 1428219 Changes to spell checking rules now prevent flagging of words made up of one character or all punctuation.
  • 1571485 Composer log now shows a warning if a cross reference cannot be resolved.
  • 1802430 Migrated documents containing DLM links created with version 5.1 will no longer be locked after migration if the documents contain readonly sections that cannot be migrated.
  • 1915395 A drag and drop action of a graphic from Word to XML now completes as expected.
  • 2016705 When upgrading an existing deployed Arbortext Editor compact installation, the proper directory is now specified in the deploy.xml file.
  • 2033156 Fixed issues causing unnecessary line breaks when using line numbering.
  • 2034114 Changes to spell checking dictionary now prevent flagging of words containing non-English language characters.
  • 2047838 Table markup errors no longer cause a document to be marked as incomplete.
  • 2049445 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when undoing a change tracked change when the document's stylesheet uses XPath expressions.
  • 2050613 When the clipboard contains a list of items with numbers starting each list item, using Edit->Paste Special->Bullet List inserts the list without the numbers. Pasting as paragraphs will now paste with the numbers (which can subsequently be changed to list items).
  • 2051370 When editing DITA documents the Edit view now remains correctly synchronized with the Document Map and Column view when an element is selected.
  • 2051638 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly in some situations when reloading a document containing a vertically aligned cell with contents containing a misspelling.
  • 2051722 Arbortext Editor shows performance improvements when scrolling through documents containing non-ASCII characters.
  • 2052060 Arbortext Editor shows performance improvements when previewing profiled documents containing graphics located in a content management system.
  • 2054082 Destroy hooks now properly fire when Arbortext Editor exits.
  • 2054528 Running a completeness check of a DITA map now issues a warning if a topic in the map references a topic not included in the map.
  • 2054576 Running a completeness check of a DITA map now issues a warning if a topic in the map references a topic not included in the map.
  • 2056617 Resolved a focus issue that could happen when Arbortext Editor was embedded (using ActiveX) inside multiple Internet Explorer windows.
  • 2057619 Button text in the change tracking dialog box will no longer appear differently on certain locales.
  • 2058772 Arbortext Editor will no longer consider a selection empty in cases when all of the generated text of a tag with no content is selected.
  • 2059529 Arbortext Editor will now correctly write character entity numeric references in attribute values when converting from SGML to XML.
  • 2060233 Arbortext Editor will now allow the splitting of a document type's root tag when the tag is not the root tag of the document instance.
  • 2060298 The   entity will now appear as a space in SGML documents.
  • 2061084 Dropdown lists in the Modify Attributes dialog box for attributes with enumerated values will not be populated with values that are invalid for the current tag's position.
  • 2062406 The Korean IME composition window will appear in the correct location.
  • 2063239 Issue with creating a new stylesheet has been resolved.
  • 2063537 The Publish->Using XSL menu item is always enabled for SGML, XML, and HTML documents.
  • 2063638 Graphics referenced with an absolute location path now display as expected.
  • 2065338 Writing or saving a free-form document as an untagged text file will work correctly and will not prompt the user for a wrapper tag.
  • 2065907 A redisplay in ditamapoutlinemode no longer causes unnecessary refreshes in a FOSI file.
  • 2066962 It will no longer be slow to open a file entity with many top level siblings.
  • 2067320 The EpicGenerator parameter supplyDefault has been exposed in shipped profile.ccf files
  • 2067847 A script defined with a script element defined with usage set to indirect in a XUI panel no longer runs unexpectedly.
  • 2068027 Profiling initialization code is no longer called twice when opening a document.
  • 2068560 Rules added to a spanned cell that grows by a column being inserted to it will display the correct style.
  • 2070344 Arbortext Editor no longer reports an error when publishing a DMP image using document content containing no index terms.

General Publishing

  • 1197651 Non-Hangul characters can now be mixed with Hangul characters in Korean index terms.
  • 1202441 Addressed issues with publishing documents containing rotated pages.
  • 1206896 Published output generated outside of composition pipeline now includes change tracking information.
  • 1207254 Addressed issues with publishing documents containing multiple page sizes.
  • 1301472 Addressed issues with publishing documents containing rotated pages.
  • 1325881 The size of a nested table in a block with a set indent now reflects the parent block's indent in PDF generated by XSL-FO.
  • 1789974 Tables containing multiple table header rows that are separated by rules generated by rowsep attributes now display correctly.
  • 2029013 Graphics in chapters referenced by XInclude statements now appear in preview output.
  • 2043550 Corrected a problem with association of floats to surrounding text.
  • 2045729 When composing a document using line numbering, the presence of a quick mark or bookmark no longer causes line numbers to slip onto the next page.
  • 2045974 Publishing documents using the Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher no longer results in incorrect keeps behavior within table cells when publishing with stylesheets that define generated text having a text property (for example _gte:Font) specified before content at the beginning of a block
  • 2049053 When publishing using the Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher with custom templates, all APP internal messages can now be redirected to the Composer log.
  • 2052073 When publishing documents to PDF with the usedistiller advanced preference and set option set to on, background colors in headers and footers on landscape pages now render correctly.
  • 2056508 Characters with code points f080 - f095 using Wingdings font render correctly in PDF output.
  • 2056961 Landscape content published to RTF can now be printed from MS Word without generating margins are outside printable area messages.
  • 2063290 PStill will now check for a temporary directory declared by the TEMP environment variable on Solaris/Linux before setting its own.
  • 2066576 Scaling of ISO graphics is now consistent between output from APP and FOSI engines.
  • 2071588 The quality of SVG graphics in APP output has been improved.

DITA Fixes

  • 1407109 Support for equations is now available in the DITA application.
  • 2056883 Distributed DITA stylesheets now contain the correct ID generation attribute for graphics.

DLM Fixes

  • 2045330 DLM resolution will now work correctly for SGML document types.
  • 2065637 A target search with the like operator is case insensitive.
  • 2065781 Deleting metadata from a target removes the metadata as expected.
  • 2068279 DLM Explorer no longer reports an error message for certain document collections containing empty entries

Styler Fixes

  • 2030647 Non-Hangul characters can now be mixed with Hangul characters in
  • Korean index terms.
  • 2049814 When a stylesheet's Line spacingLine spacing property is set to a value of
  • Specified, the specified value is now always properly preserved in
  • the stylesheet.
  • 2052935 Selecting a stylesheet from a sorted list in the Select Stylesheet/Open Stylesheet dialog boxes opens the correct stylesheet.
  • 2067315 Use of accented characters in Generated Content variable names no longer creates error when the stylesheet is converted to FOSI
  • 2071574 Numbering in TOC entries is now placed correctly.

Import/Export Fixes

  • 1835501 Importing PDF files containing blank pages no longer fails.
  • 1856266 Word documents with style names containing certain Western diacritical marks now import correctly.
  • 1872145 When importing FrameMaker MIF files, setting the MIF to XML driver Set Absolute Path ImagesSet Absolute Path Images option to false now works as expected.
  • 1881865 When importing FrameMaker MIF files, table styles defined in a referenced table definition are now properly recognized.
  • 1890427 When importing RTF documents, href attributes on HYPERLINK fields are now properly handled.
  • 1894070 After updating the Import Map Configuration, the Import MapTemplate developer's choice of either SAXON or XALAN for XSL pre- and post-processes is properly saved in the MapTemplate file.
  • 1900065 When importing Microsoft Word documents, # (pound sign) and href suffixes stored as field values on HYPERLINK fields are now properly recognized.
  • 2049455 When using Arbortext Import to import FrameMaker MIF files, certain graphics embedded in the files are now correctly imported as .eps, .fmg, .fmv, and .pct images.
  • 2061093 Importing MIF files no longer loses custom marker information.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapters Fixes

  • 1853544 Performance is improved when using the PTC Server connection with the Resource Manager for selecting multiple DITA topics stored in Windchill and inserting these topics in a DITA map.
  • 1860764 Arbortext Editor now supports custom code that causes the PTC Server connection Browser state to be retained after cleaning the Workspace.
  • 1954438 When multiple users are using the PTC Server connection to work with different Windchill workspaces in offline mode on the same workstation, messages about failing to connect to the server and being unable to download content are no longer displayed.
  • 1961079 Performance of GetServerInformation request has been improved.
  • 2033131 Logging back into Internet Explorer via the Documentum menu after disconnecting from Documentum is now successful
  • 2043555 The Documentum Rendition Integration java code now properly compiles when using Documentum 6.5 Service Pack 3.
  • 2044309 The File->Upload Document to Server operation is now enabled for DITA maps when connected to Windchill.
  • 2045376 Resolved issue with processing burst rule for a document with multiple content-based rules where the second value is longer than the first.
  • 2048478 Undoing check out of a DITA bookmap document in Windchill no longer sends a large number of requests before displaying the Undo Checkout dialog box.
  • 2049010 Refreshing a DITA map in expanded mode is no longer slowed by a large number of duplicate requests.
  • 2050028 When using the PTC Server connection, opening a document from the context menu no longer opens the incorrect document.
  • 2051009 Downloading data in a secure environment now completes as expected.
  • 2052500 When using the PTC Server connection, disconnecting from the server for offline working takes significantly less time in scenarios where only the active workspace is prepared for offline use.
  • 2062765 A DITA topic that contains references to graphic objects in Windchill can now be checked into Windchill after opening it in a new workspace from the one it was created in

Publishing Engine Fixes

  • 2063688 Arbortext Editor no longer stops responding when publishing documents containing sparsely-filled tables.
  • 2065685 New parameters for the f=convert function for Arbortext PublishingEngine permit the specification of crop marks and registration marks.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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