Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


The release notes have this to say:

  • Fixed issue with keep-with-previous where it wouldn't work within a section itself was being balanced (SPR 1971370)
  • Fixed rotated footnotes surround frame size issue. (SPR 1919326)
  • Fixed issue that prevented frame shift (tfshift) from working when using copyfit with 'update real values' enabled. (SPR 1936426)
  • Fixed problem with space at end of line containing leaders. (SPR 1970802)
  • Fixed problem with OpenType font containing an empty index table. (SPR 1972664)
  • Fixed pointer error in Line Style menu. (SPR 1993501)

For more information

Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at


release notes

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