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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


For the detailed release notes up to and including version 9.1 M120 and 10.0 A002, see the file 'relnotes.3d' that comes in the download package. For details on changes to earlier builds, see the full release notes.

The release notes have this to say:

  • 10.0 M080 (Build 1345)
    • Fixed inheritance of . (SPR 2017058).
    • Fixed issue with format log (tfmtlog) sometimes losing information. (SPR 1985020)
    • Fixed tplay >"layer_name" to copy page dimensions from default layer instead of defaulting to A4. (SPR 1986107)
    • Improve display updating after "trf" when editing JavaScript streams interactively. (SPR 2018914)
    • Fixed issue with using multi column Arabic frames and spans (SPR 1973486)
    • Fixed problem with custom document properties in PostScript driver. (SPR 2012849)
    • Updated cutting guides and registration marks to use Registration colour. (SPR 1909766)
    • Modified the default CJK index groups to group A-Z individually. (SPR 1949086).
    • Fixed problem with incorrect footnote numbering when hyphenating and discarding calls to the same footnote. (SPR 2024668)
    • Fixed issue with changes to FOM frames not taking affect until after a redraw (SPR 2016284)
    • Added strength option to Index Group Control streams to use ICU Collation strength for determing difference, in preference to case sensitivity. (SPR 2029488)
    • Added suport to Index grouping for Pinyin (zh__PINYIN) and Stroke number (zh_TW_STRO) locales.
    • Fix crash when loading 32Bit bitmaps with the compression bit in the header set to 0. (SPR 2030317).
    • Fix crashes when using the XML printer driver to output documents with multiple bookmarks or table sub-columns (SPR 2022885)
    • Fixed mid-overflow of the whole of a nested block/table at the start of the parent table cell. (SPR 2000493)
    • Fix issues running and formatting encrypted JS tags (SPR 2029951 and 2029954)
    • Fixed potential problem outputting LZW compressed images in PScript driver (SPR 2032780)
    • Fixed formatting error when overhangs the end of the last line of a paragraph (SPR 2029088)
    • Fixed problem using named colours in an object graphic defined in a namespace (SPR 2031307)
    • Fixed issue with depth being preserved after blocks as headers are skipped (SPR 2018384)
    • Fixed problem where page sequences can create an extra page when using frames with repeat text set. (SPR 1994922)
    • Fixed problems with illegal number separators with psequp and pseqstart (SPR 2036630)
    • Added ability to optimise index entry handling to improve performance. (SPR 2037696)
    • Fixed the overflow of the whole of a nested rotated table or block. (SPR 2030295)
    • Fixed problem loading object graphic rasters when the object graphic is in a namespace. (SPR 2039806)

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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