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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


Main updates in this release are to Arbortext Styler and the PTC Server Connection.  Here are the SPRs. Did yours get fixed?


  • 1796413 The default web publishing template now includes Next and Previous buttons.
  • 2120143 Initiating a Resolved Document for Editing (RDE) that generates text from conkeyrefs no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2134024 Arbortext Editor will now search the libpath path entries for an aptspell.xml file. It is now possible to reference a centralized/ custom file.
  • 2134460 Content retrieved from the clipboard is now correctly placed in a named paste buffer declared in a paste command.
  • 2135984 A new set option graphicscaletofitmaxheight has been introduced to specify a maximum height for a graphic with scaletofit activated but no width or depth measures included. Graphics set up in this way will no longer overflow a page in output generated by the FOSI engine when this option is set.
  • 2135985 Arbortext Editor will no longer terminate unexpectedly when opening documents that include a lengthy reference to a schema location.
  • 2136359 An ID attribute value generated via the icon in the Modify Attributes dialog box will no longer include a hex number when the preference generateuniqueid=offis set.
  • 2136784 Running the oid_find_valid_insert() function in Arbortext Editor returns the correct response.
  • 2139851 Arbortext Editor no longer tries to copy a _bookmark UDT definition from a child file referenced by XInclude. Closing the parent file will no longer issue a prompt to save changes.
  • 2141127 A table model will only be declared invalid by Arbortext Editor if the document type is missing a required element or attribute.
  • 2141136 Aliases for attribute values are now available for selection in the Modify Attributes dialog box.
  • 2141669 A Tools ▶ Compare ▶ File action now recognizes all differences between compared documents.
  • 2143115 The distributed stylesheet for the Technical Information Application now recognizes that a parts list item with serviceable="no" set should not have its part number exposed in the items table in the published PDF of the parts list.
  • 2147447 The Arbortext Editor message Turning context rules on would cause tagname to be out of context is correctly translated in the Japanese locale.


  • 2087667 A Start at number extracted from an attribute value is displayed correctly in PDF generated by the APP engine.
  • 2089797 Space before settings are observed for tables that span columns in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2098572 A non-numbered setting for a title’s entry in a TOC is respected in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2121349 Display settings made for the SFE _sfe:IndexHeading_Main_ Index are reflected in an index in output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2123289 Page numbers are generated from a paragraph attribute as expected in output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2127209 Page numbering for an index entry is kept together on the same line in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2129399 Custom content generated for a title for its appearance in a TOC is displayed correctly in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2131398 TeX write time for certain documents published in a Solaris environment has been improved.
  • 2131551 Individual underlining settings for Label and Number items of a numbered title are maintained in APP’s PDF output when the settings of the title’s parent element are different.
  • 2132396 Main table rules suppressed with frame="none" are not displayed as requested in HTML output.
  • 2132785 An Arbortext Publishing Engine publishing process via f=convert will report errors when referencing an XSL stylesheet that has an invalid structure.
  • 2133003 Spanned cells in a table row display as expected after a page break in PDF output.
  • 2134179 Keyrefs and conkeyrefs are resolved correctly during an Arbortext Publishing Engine PDF publishing process via f=convert.
  • 2134407 Publication of a PDF with a stylesheet that references other stylesheet modules via XInclude completes as expected when performed with the APP engine via Arbortext Publishing Engine.
  • 2134440 Setting set formatwarnings=off in the Arbortext Editor environment will now suppress warning messages generated during an APP publishing operation.
  • 2135031 An index scoped to a section of a document appears as expected in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2135484 Attribute values for the id attribute on a table element are no longer re-used when publishing to HTML using Arbortext Styler.
  • 2136514 Graphic processing during a print publishing operation via Arbortext Publishing Engine no longer causes a performance slowdown.
  • 2137026 A table of contents in PDF output generated by the APP engine is fully visible when it breaks across a page.
  • 2141679 Cross references are active links when they appear in footnotes in PDF output.
  • 2142639 Translation of generated header and footer content is passed to PDF output generated by the APP engine as expected.
  • 2144475 Leaders in an index term for a title do not have an effect on the alignment of the title itself in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2144757 Security settings for elements in a sheet are correctly reflected in FOSI- based output.
  • 2145523 Index entries in PDF generated by the APP engine now include the correct page number.
  • 2145746 An error in event log processing has been corrected, allowing preview actions to complete as expected.
  • 2146696 Multi column text no longer overlaps a spanned single column figure or table in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2148798 graphicwebtransform and graphicdefaultwebformat settings are respected when graphics are published into HTML Help output with Arbortext Publishing Engine.
  • 2148871 A PDF publishing action via the APP engine processes EPS graphics correctly.
  • 2151460 Generated text that is suppressed with a Hidden attribute is not displayed in a PDF generated by the APP engine.

Arbortext Styler

  • 2139430 A drag and drop action to move content in generated text completes as expected in Arbortext Styler.
  • 2149448 An increase in memory allocation means stylesheet modules with a large number of translatable UFEs are processed correctly.

Arbortext Import

  • 2136941 Breaking characters are captured in all RTF/MS Word transformations to XML.
  • 2141165 The schema that supports default MS Word-DITA map templates has been updated in the Arbortext Import distribution.

Arbortext Publishing Engine

  • 2143098 Server- and client-side composition configuration information for Arbortext Publishing Engine now both reference the StylesheetOrder element in a DCF file to determine the order in which specified stylesheets are presented in drop down lists.
  • 2148843 set composerpath now clears document-specific caches of mappings between composition types and absolute paths to composers.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapter

  • 2115017 When an object is viewed by the current user, but is checked out / updated by another user, its Updated By property no longer details the current user.
  • 2139899 Beginning in the 6.0 M030 release, when using the PTC Server connection, an "Internal Client Connector error" message is displayed in the following scenario:
    • 1. An author editing a map file uses the Arbortext Editor Resource Manager to insert a new topic reference to a topic stored in Windchill.
    • 2. The author saves the map file locally.
    • 3. The author double-clicks on the reference in the map file to open the topic. The topic fails to open, and the error message is displayed.
  • 2140998 A twometadatarule in a document type burst configuration file that should write the value of IO_ATTR_LOGICAL_ID to XML has the required effect.
  • 2147098 Fixed an issue causing a warning message to occur in certain circumstances when using the PTC Server connection to connect to Windchill.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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