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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.



  • 2137590 Closing a document that contains CGM graphics with a doc_close(current_doc())command no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2142622 Character entities in attribute values are converted correctly in an XML conversion with a write command.
  • 2147147 TIFF graphic support in Arbortext Editor has been upgraded. Graphics will now be corrected if necessary and displayed correctly in both Editor view and output.
  • 2150578 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when processing or verifying an xref with an invalid href value.
  • 2150604 Empty elements in FOSI stylesheets no longer trigger warnings at startup.
  • 2151345 It is now possible to insert a list into an empty element with a protected region, for example from trailing generated text.
  • 2151410 A XUI dialog box field displays the expected background color when the value of its readonly attribute is changed.
  • 2153320 The default value of the deepcontentsplitting preference is on for documents based on the Technical Information Application.
  • 2153477 New instances of documents from supplied document types are created without error.
  • 2154440 The names of fonts that have rotated versions no longer appear in font lists presented by Arbortext Editor
  • 2156541 When viewing a read only document from a CMS repository via an Arbortext Editor Adapter, the option to update the document's profiling values is no longer presented.
  • 2156844 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when opening a document that contains certain character combinations in its text content.
  • 2157643 The mouse wheel will still scroll a document when the useepic43keymappings preference is set to on.
  • 2158209 The embedded dpi value of a PNG graphic will be used to assess the intended size of the graphic in published output.
  • 2159422 Arbortext Editor no longer tries to copy a _bookmark UDT definition from a child file referenced by XInclude. Closing the parent file will no longer issue a prompt to save changes.
  • 2163500 The Select button is now available when linking to .idr (IsoView) graphics in Arbortext Editor.


  • 2069356 A link to a target containing a table functions correctly in PDF output.
  • 2133678 Profiling information from a custom DCF file is passed as expected to the PE server during a publishing action via Arbortext Publishing Engine.
  • 2144756 Link destinations resolved in hidden parts of a document published to PDF no longer contribute to the limit set for a single point.
  • 2149230 Arbortext Editor no longer occasionally stops responding when using the APP engine to publish documents containing single-column elements that are kept with a subsequent span.
  • 2151524 ISO graphics with hotspot links display correctly in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2151590 RTF output of a two tgroup table now displays the correct column headings in the second tgroup after a page break.
  • 2151636 Double quotes in XPath expressions in FOSI edited source no longer result in context errors in an exported FOSI stylesheet.
  • 2151792 When the FOSI composition engine configures line spacing for equation graphics, a negative vertical offset for the graphic will result in an equivalent amount of space being removed from the height of the graphic and added to the depth of the graphic. The equation will be spaced correctly with reference to following and preceding lines.
  • 2152951 ElementLabelandNumber settings for generated text in index terms are respected in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2153569 Graphics with transparent backgrounds are displayed correctly in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2155094 In PDF output generated by the APP engine, cross references to a paragraph that displays a page number include the page number in the link text when the cross reference originates in a footnote.
  • 2156417 A KEEP too large - content has overflowed error message will no longer be generated in error by the APP engine when content has been balanced but does not actually overflow the format area.
  • 2156709 Publishing a parts manual with the APP engine no longer results in JavaScript errors.
  • 2156788 A cross reference to an element without a title will no longer generate JavaScript errors warning that the element is undefined.
  • 2157101 Duplicate index entries from a document's topics do not appear in the output PDF's index when generated by FOSI engine.
  • 2157471 The APP engine will no longer report column too narrow errors when a line wraps, having fitted just a space.
  • 2158087 Items in footnotes that are configured to be hidden are suppressed as expected in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2158249 An update has been made to APP’s recovery of KEEP too large errors generated when a table is bigger than the page and every row must always keep with the previous row. The table will now flow off the bottom of the page instead of stopping the formatting of the document.
  • 2161547 APP will longer assess content that is too wide for a column in a table as too wide for every column in the table. Errors will be logged but formatting will continue as expected.
  • 2162858 A document with a stylesheet association defined with a relative path will no longer output a cannot find file stylesheet error message when it is published to PDF.

DITA Application

  • 2146737 Arbortext Editor via the IBM DM adapter no longer terminates unexpectedly when resolving an xref to an ID that ends with a . character.
  • 2154693 The consequence element in the Technical Information Application distribution now permits the entry of mixed content.
  • 2156877 A graphic appears as expected in a DITA document checked out and opened in Arbortext Editor via the Documentum adapter
  • 2157309 The value of the outputclass attribute set for a topic is no longer cascaded to any of its child topics, apart from between a topicref and the main topic or topics in a ditabase.
  • 2159373 An xmlns:atgra namespace declaration is no longer included in new xref and link instances.
  • 2160600 Inserting an xref using the Current Document button in Arbortext Editor's Resource Manager to navigate for the target will insert an active same document cross reference as expected.
  • 2161131 The option dita::_setShowCMSCurDocPath manages the path information displayed in same document cross references inserted using the Current Document button in the Resource Manager:
    • 0 - name of current document only is displayed
    • 1 - name of current document plus folder path is displayed

    The default value is now 0.


  • 2150807 An update to the PStill installation has improved the handling of EPS graphics.
  • 2153662 Exported XLIFF files now include an id attribute on x elements. The file can now be validated by Arbortext Editor and translation applications


  • 2146315 Alternative text elements for a graphic are captured in a Word-XML transformation into Arbortext Editor.

PTC Server Connection and Repository Adapter

  • 2149492 The approach of using the Windows Certificate Store via Internet Explorer to support two way SSL (client certificate) authentication of a connection to a Windchill server has been introduced in this release. If the existing client certificate is in an external file, or in a certificate store for a different browser, import it into to the My Certificates section of the Windows Certificate Store using the steps detailed below. The steps must be completed for every PC that will be used to access Windchill in this way.The Windchill server administrator should generate a certificate if one does not already exist.
    • In Internet Explorer, access the Tools->Internet Options menu option. Click the Content tab then the Certificates button.
    • In the Certificates dialog box, click Import.
    • In the Import dialog box, browse to the location of the client certificate file then click Next.
    • Type the client certificate password and ensure that the Enable strong private key protection check box is NOT checked.
    • Store the certificate in the Personal key store.
    • Click Finish.
    • Verify that Windchill can be accessed using Internet Explorer. If this is successful Arbortext Editor should be able to connect to Windchill using the imported certificate.

    Note: If the Windchill server requires smart card authentication, insert the card into the reader attached to your computer before attempting to connect Arbortext Editor to Windchill.

  • 2155353 Arbortext Editor's list of valid characters for workspace names when working with the adapter to Windchill now matches the list in Windchill.
  • 2159196 Arbortext Editor no longer displays an error message when you elect to work offline in a newly created workspace.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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