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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


  • Windows 8 is supported as of this release
  • Browser update support: IE 10.0 on Windows  7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008 R2; Firefox 17.0.x ESR on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
  • Java 7 support added (JRE 1.6.0_43)
  • Styler has new features. APP source edits on property sets will need to be recreated when you update your stylesheet.
  • There have also been some changes to the following ACL functions:
    • bulleted_list_block_tag_name_ns
    • bulleted_list_item_tag_name_ns
    • numbered_list_block_tag_name_ns
    • numbered_list_item_tag_name_ns
    • text_style_tag_name_ns

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Arbortext Editor

  • 2139790: It is possible to borrow an Arbortext Editor product license when working in a Czech locale.
  • 2162684: Individual view settings configured for Resolved Document for Editing (RDE) and Resolved Document for Styling (RDS) are respected and persist between Arbortext Editor sessions.
  • 2167442: Arbortext Editor now supports VT_BYREF parameter types for ActiveX events.
  • 2175534: Arbortext product dialog boxes display in their entirety in Windows 7 Home Edition, provided there is sufficient screen resolution to fit them.
  • 2177671: Autogenerated topic IDs based on topic titles that contain Unicode character entities will include the character, not the entity.
  • 2178174: Topics that are checked in from an RDE after an Open All Topics in Arbortext Editor action now include a DOCTYPE declaration.
  • 2178177: Topics that are saved from an RDE after an Open All Topics in Arbortext Editor action no longer include an unwanted stylesheet association.
  • 2178181: Detection of undeclared variables in an ACL package with the _STRICT_ variable set to 1 is more stringent.
  • 2178298: The ˙ entity is resolved correctly with the Equation Editor.
  • 2178684: A new Delete Masked Elements option has been introduced to IsoConvert 7.3 M010 HF1, included with this release. Consider setting the Use CGM VDC Extent option to 1 if also setting the new option to 1.
  • 2179116: Electing to modify the attributes of an xref that contains a _previewtext PI will invoke the Modify Attributes dialog box for the cross reference as expected.
  • 2179117: It is possible to select a single xref from a group of cross references without the cursor moving to a different xref.
  • 2180830: Arbortext Editor’s performance when opening a topic referenced via XInclude from an open map has been improved.
  • 2180852: Arbortext Editor no longer displays an X in table cells that have been spanned over multiple rows.
  • 2182796: Content inserted into definition list (table) and simple table cells via conref with the Modify Attributes dialog box is placed in the correct area.
  • 2183238: Pasting table content into a simpletable no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2184397: Scrolling through the document map view of a document during a spell check operation no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2184959: Arbortext Editor now recognizes that font decoration definitions extracted in different formats from a document type that uses namespaces can be equivalent, for example h:b and {http:// www.w3.org/1999/xhtml}b from the XHTML document type.


  • 2083833: Page number entries for TOCs, cross references, and indexes are correct in PDF output generated by the APP engine.

    Note: With this release, the distributed APP print configuration file Arbortext-path/app/standard.3sppdf has been updated to include a feature that determines if enough formatting passes have been run to ensure correct output, for example confirming that all page number references are accurate. Any custom versions of this file will need to be updated to include the feature. Refer to the updated _compose:autoexec section of the distributed file.

  • 2122684: A listing for an index in a table of contents displays the correct page number in print/PDF output generated with the APP engine.
  • 2124986: Any JavaScript errors generated during a PDF publish action with the APP engine are displayed in the Arbortext Styler log.
  • 2137440: Text styled as Hidden is no longer output when a PDF is previewed or published from Arbortext Styler using the APP engine.
  • 2147727: Nested lists in a DITA document are numbered correctly in PDF output.
  • 2153929: Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when electing to preview/publish with an Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher template (.3f file).
  • 2157623: APP in Arbortext Styler no longer formats elements according to the value of any orient and pgwide attributes. It now relies on settings in the stylesheet to apply styling.
  • 2159425: Cells display on the correct row in nested tables that have keep element together and keep with next keeps specified, in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2160436: Duplicate footnotes are merged to a single entry in PDF output.
  • 2166913: Colors in EPS graphics are true in PDF output when RGB color output is defined in PDF configuration files.
  • 2168581: Alternate text attributes on PDF tags generated for graphic elements are visible when an output PDF is opened in Adobe Pro.
  • 2177678: A new optional parameter has been added to the composition process:
    • suppressTocUrlFragmentReferences — suppresses the inclusion of fragment ID attributes in URLs for topics in HTML Help output
      TOC entries will be displayed in the form sect1sect1.html instead of sect1sect1.html#styler-id1.5.1.
      Set to a value of true or yes (case independent) to suppress the IDs.
  • 2177885: An EPS file with text displays as expected in PDF output.
  • 2177899: The Language setting configured in a stylesheet is transferred to the Reading Setting-Language property in tagged PDF output from Arbortext Styler.
  • 2178374: Three new optional parameters have been added to the composition process:
    • ditaBypassProcessing — suppresses all phases of DITA processing when publishing a DITA map or topic. Set to a value of 1 to suppress DITA processing.
    • doctype-public — identifies the document type that should be included in the doctype declaration of resulting output. Set to the Public ID of the required document type.
    • doctype-system — identifies the document type that should be included in the doctype declaration of resulting output. Set to the System ID of the required document type.
    • No document type declaration will be included in output if the last two parameters are not included in the composition request.
  • 2179715: A stylesheet specification made in the com.ptc.arbortext.pe/ stylesheet parameter of publishing rules is respected.
  • 2182216: Vertical alignment settings for table cells are respected in EPUB output.
  • 2187396: Compound numbering for nested steps in a procedure is generated correctly in PDF output published with the APP engine.

DITA Application

  • 2135061: Errors will not be generated for conkeyrefs without conref fallback when they cannot be resolved during key context processing.
  • 2174467: Profiling applied when selecting the start tag of an element only in a bookmap is not applied universally to the bookmap.
  • 2176812: Publishing a DITA topic document no longer generates Failed to translate DITA topic document to PRDS errors when the map element is an alias of another element.
  • 2181994: Changes have been made to the way filters configured with DITAVAL are processed during composition. Refer to DITA Application Changes in the Arbortext Editor, Publishing Engine, Styler, and Architect Release Notes for this release for full information.
  • 2182344: Generating a Resolved Document for Styling (RDS) of a DITA bookmap that contains custom metadata no longer produces error messages.

Arbortext Styler

  • 2139309: The 32-bit version of Arbortext Styler in a Windows 7 environment no longer terminates unexpectedly when changing values in the Page Region tab and using the ENTER key.
  • 2160832: Editing the APP source of a definition list element no longer causes Arbortext Styler to stop responding.
  • 2186448: Moving a stylesheet module to a new position in a module hierarchy no longer results in its path being changed from a relative to an absolute reference.

Arbortext Import

  • 2161190: Copying and pasting content from a Word document to a custom XML file no longer generates errors.
  • 2174695: A .doc to .ppXML import with an Include Shapes preprocessing option included no longer terminates unexpectedly.
  • 2175251: Non-English fonts are correctly transformed during a .rtf to .ppxML import action.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapter

  • 2165172: The protocol for conveying user credentials between Arbortext Publishing Engine and Windchill has been made more robust.
  • 2181950: The sample burst specification files techinfo.bcf and techinfomap.bcf have been removed from the doctypes directory for the Technical Information application. They now appear only in the directory Arbortext-pathadapterscom.ptc.prowt. arbortextbursting. They are read from this location.
  • 2182247: An Insert action from the CMS browser no longer fails with context errors when the adaptor tracks the tag name of objects.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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