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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


Arbortext Editor

  • 1305999: A new set option, set changetrackingkeepdict, has been introduced in this release. When the option is set to off, all change tracking markup is removed from a file when it is saved, if no change tracked changes persist (i.e. all changes have been accepted or rejected).
  • 2177285: The sample file in Arbortext-path/samples/com/VBDllDemo has been updated in this release. The sample demonstrates the use of DLL / COM objects by Arbortext Editor.
  • 2181856: A command line installation of Arbortext Editor recognizes custom settings made in the MSI installation file.
  • 2188264: Fallbacks are now supported for primary graphic objects not supported by Arbortext Editor or Arbortext Publishing Engine. A new ACL API has been introduced in this release to support the fallbacks: add_graphic_fallback(primary, fallbacklist, isPrint)
    • primary —the graphic extension for which to define fallbacks. Enter the extension without a dot, for example "c3di" or "cnv".
    • fallbacklist— the fallback extensions to look for in secondary (attachment) content
      Define in a comma separated list.
    • isPrint —the publishing output. Enter 1 if the fallbacks are for printed output or 0 if for screen (online) outputs.

    For example, add_graphic_fallback("c3di", "pvz,tif", 0). Note that the fallback scheme depends upon the primary object having alternate representations as attachments(secondary content). If the fallback is not supplied (or there is no matching attachment) publishing will produce an error message: ERROR: Copy graphics file fail: Graphic file exists, but does not contain a format displayable in the edit view. When publishing a payload with Arbortext Publishing Engine the fallback refers to in the manifest.xml file to determine the attachment to use. For Arbortext Editor connected via the PTCServer connection, the fallback uses the adapter call sess_get_file() to obtain the fallback rendition.

  • 2188957: A new ACL variable option ALGRPINDENTOVERRIDE will instruct Arbortext Editor not to cancel out a paragraph indent setting and a hanging indent setting when they are the same value. The variable can be declared in one of two ways:
    • Enter $ALGRPINDENTOVERRIDE=on in the Arbortext Editor command line. Any value for the variable can be used here, even blank
    • Add global ALGRPINDENTOVERRIDE; in an ACL file, outside of any ACL function
  • 2189880: The results of a completeness checking action can now be written to a
  • 2191431: The ACL function generate_dmp_update() has been introduced in this release. Refer to Miscellaneous ACL Changes in the Arbortext Editor, Publishing Engine, Styler, and ArchitectRelease. Notes for the 6.0 M100 release for information. This replaces the previously documented function compose_for_dmp_update().
  • 2194247: Alias attribute values from a schema are displayed as expected when
    modifying the attributes of elements in an alias map.


  • 2147454: Footer content extracted from the document is output onto recto pages
    as expected in PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2179119: Cross references to division and title elements are correctly resolved in
    PDF output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2180834: A change to the column count no longer causes the APP engine to lose
    track of the current page set and produce pink pages in PDF output.
  • 2185518: A specific custom .3f template file and PDF configuration file no longer causes Arbortext Styler to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2187223: Callout text configured for aCGM graphic is included in PDF output of a document.
  • 2188083: A new publishing rule parameter has been introduced to the WVS bundle publishing process in this release: com.ptc.arbortext.pe/skipPublishSubsystem - specifies whether the publishing process will invoke the bundle publish subsystem when publishing service bundle data. Set to yes to skip the publish subsystem if it is not required. Set to no to invoke the subsystem during publishing, and if the composition framework should be used.
  • 2188266: Publishing rules in the WVS publishing system can manipulate the
    markup of partslists to support the use of primary graphics and their derivative formats (attachments). Two new parameters for the publishing process support this feature:

    • com.ptc.arbortext.pe.service/partlistBundleCcfParam.transformImage - Enables
      the image transformation. Permitted values are true and false (default)

      • true - drive image promotion and conversion based on the PartlistBundleCcfParam.transformImageTypes parameter (see below) and the set of graphic conversions
        supported by Arbortext Editor. Every image element will be processed and possibly transformed into one or more image elements.
      • false - use the graphicTransform rules
    • com.ptc.arbortext.pe.service/partlistBundleCcfParam.transformImageTypes -
      Defines the list of primary graphic types to generate, along with attachment types for each primary. The default value is *. Declare the value as a vertical bar separated list of primary extensions or * followed by an optional colon and comma separated list of attachment extensions. For example, png,tif:imap|cgm|ldf - every image will generate up to three new images of types PNG/TIF,CGM, and LDF. The PNG/TIF type will have an IMAP attachment, if it exists on the original.
    • 2192470: Publishing bundle data with the transformImage and transformImageTypes WVS publishing rules disregards any images inserted into source without a file extension.
    • 2192921: Publishing bundle data with the transformImage and transformImageTypes WVS publishing rules generates the correct URI entries in meta files for graphics. Graphics will be visible in the ServiceCenter UI.
    • 2194767: A font setting for an element made with a font PI whose value
      includes whitespace characters is visible in HTML output.

DITA Application

  • 2188023: Invalid ACL errors no longer occur when generating aResolved
    Document for Styling (RDS).
  • 2188606: A PDF publish action no longer generates "file not found" errors for a
    topic that exists but is profiled out of a map via DITAVAL.
  • 2188756: Errors no longer occur when generated an RDS of a document that
    contains change tracking markup.
  • 2189833: Checks for cross references in an Enhanced CompletenessChecking (ECC) action are now case insensitive. Equivalent filenames in cross references and maps will no longer cause errors during ECC when they are written in different cases.

Arbortext Styler

  • 2154276: Namespaces are handled correctly in Arbortext Styler.
  • 2189401: Generated cell margin values for OASIS tables are presented as integer numbersin HTML output.

Arbortext Publishing Engine

  • 2193915: The default buffer size forChunk Streaming Mode in Arbortext
    Publishing Engine has been reduced from 128M to 32M.
  • 2195480: A PE publishing action now analyzes a payload manifest to locate secondary content. Attachments that contain references to CGM, LDF, PVZ, and TIF files are copied to output.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapter

  • 2165172: Servlet class files for the Arbortext Adapter for Oracle CM SDK have
    been updated in this release. Java errors will no longer be generated
    when connecting to the servlet.

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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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