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The Full-Service Option

We take you from start to finish

(and beyond)

Although we specialize in individual services, we can provide you with a full-service implementation. From requirements analysis to vendor selection and final implementation, we have a staff of technical experts who can take your single-sourcing project from start to finish.

As part of our full-service, we train your staff to take over but are still there when you need us. When your staff needs help, they can still call, and we will be there to help guide them.

Where do we start?

You wouldn't build a sky scraper without a well-laid plan, so why would you start a single-sourcing project any other way?

With our full service approach, you can choose to have us take over all or part of your solution implementation.

You the hands of our team of competent experts who know the tools, know the technology, and know how to approach authoring questions such as reuse and topic-based authoring.

Our process follows a general outline that is designed to take your project from start to finish.

Where will I be when we're done?

Whether you have requested our complete full service or a portion of it, our job isn't done until your team is ready to support the project themselves.

We have found that post-development support has been critical for teams who have one or two developers who are new to the product and the technology.

Our program is designed to decrease our presence over time. We realize that the steepest part of the learning curve is in the beginning. We work with you to climb that learning curve quickly and efficiently.

This dedicated support allows your team to:


We focus on understanding current content sources, effort, and usage. We determine key elements needed to scope and deliver a successful implementation.


We focus on key issues of system design that affect all aspects of the authoring, publishing, and delivery process.


Development is the programming work and documentation that came from the previous stages.


Our mentors guide your team in learning the doctypes, tools and user interfaces, topic-based authoring, and other skill development. We will show them every step of the way so that by the time your solution is delivered, your team is ready to step in and apply their new skills right away.

Quality Control

The full system is put through a rigorous post-production process: Your complete solution is tested against the initial plan and design. We refine those pieces that need improvement now that the users are working in the system.

Customer Acceptance and Transition

Once all system adjustments have been made, our team will transition the solution to your team for daily management.

Prepare for the future

Change is the only constant. As your business grows and changes, we help you learn how to identify key elements needed to scope and deliver successful transitions in the future.

Ask questions

No matter how much communication occurs along the way and through final “hand off” there is no doubt that questions will come up.

Request development assistance

Whatever gets done today, there's going to be a new product, or a new acquisition, or a new output format needed tomorrow. This may require development changes.

Receive expert validation

If your team needs to make changes, we can offer our assistance and provide impact analysis before any work is done.

Receive additional training and mentoring

As your staff develops their expertise, they may find they need a little more support to develop deeper skills and knowledge. It is times like these that it helps to have an expert on hand.

Discus strategy and design

Mentors can provide guidance on best practices for tag usage, stylesheet development, writing with data conversion in mind, information architecture, content library strategy, planning, and peer review. We can act as a sounding board for design changes, planning, and conceptual issues while your team is still learning.

Want more information?

Our team can help make sure you choose the option that's the best fit for your needs.