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The ability to "pull" reusable content from DITA libraries into our current topic or map is fundamental. Since DITA 1.0 we have been able to transclude (include by reference) phrases, block elements, images, URLs, sample code, and most anything else that takes an @id. Since DITA 1.2 we have also had the ability to "push" content from one topic into another at build time.

This feature -- conref push -- supports a number of use cases that can save your project:

  • Integrating human- and machine-authored content
  • Updating docs between localization cycles
  • Making emergency fixes after bit freeze
  • Modifying content that you inherit from another team

Like any sharp tool, you can cut yourself just as easily. Learn how to add conref push to your toolbox without needing to stock up on Band-Aids.

About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Stan Doherty lives in the the Boston area and works as a consulting user assistance developer at Oracle Corporation. He serves as a founding member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, secretary for the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee, and co-coordinator of the Boston DITA Users Group. Contact:

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