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Is your social media a series of bursts that happen when you remember to do it? Do you throw the same message into the void (as if every audience and every channel was the same) and hope for the best?

Join us as we share tips for maintaining a more constant, professional presence, while taking less time doing it! Through a combination of freely available tools we all have on our desktops, you can automate repetitive tasks, creating entire campaigns in minutes.

We’re all part of many communities and areas of influence that affect our status and contribute to our success. Some overlap, some don’t. The more we have, the easier it is to drown, resulting in a half-assed job that damages our credibility in the process.

If you do the same tasks over and over—such as announcements of events or speaking engagements, blog post promotion, publicity, and follow-up—you can take advantage of simple automations that have huge impact.

Start creating the right message for the right audience via the right channel with minimal effort on your part. You’ll be amazed at how little you need to do to feed the machine.

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Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions, is a serial entrepreneur. She’s founded two companies, sits on the boards of three non-profits, and is constantly coming up with new ways to share knowledge in the technical communications and content industries. She has worked in high-tech and government sectors, at companies of all different sizes (from startups to huge enterprises). She advocates approaches that directly improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and interoperability. If you ask her, she’ll say she’s happiest when those around her are successful.

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  • STC Summit (Seattle WA 2020)

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Members of the Single-Sourcing Solutions Mastermind Groups can access the slides, sample code, show notes, and any other workshop materials free on the members website.

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