The demands for content creation and delivery today often necessitate far more than the simple desktop publishing programs of the 80s and 90s. Instead, companies must invest in a full content ecosystem that might include authoring tool, content management system, automated quality control, translation management, taxonomy management, and dynamic delivery. The time, effort, and cost of choosing and implementing such an ecosystem is significant, but so also is the risk of getting it wrong. As a result, the process should be akin to finding a life partner, taking adequate time to get to know each other and to determine that you are compatible and have the same goals in the relationship. Between them, the panelists have guided hundreds of companies in locating their perfect match. In this session, they give advice about the considerations and process needed when replacing or expanding a content ecosystem.

Potential discussion questions:

  • What are the most common mistakes organizations make when choosing their content ecosystem?
  • What are the key differentiators to consider in choosing or building an ecosystem?
  • What “intangibles” should also be considered?
  • What compromises should an organization be prepared to make?
  • What is reasonable to expect a vendor to provide during the “courtship” phase?
  • What are red flags that might indicate a tool is not a good fit for an organization?
  • What are the risks of approaching a vendor without a chaperone (consultant)?
  • How much time does it really take to get through the selection and implementation process? How long does it take to stabilize in a new environment?
  • What steps should organizations take when their tools aren’t working as expected or needed?
  • How do you know that you need to move on and find a new solution?

Panelists included:

  • Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services
  • Val Swisher, Content Rules
  • Sarah O'Keefe, Scriptorium
  • Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions

Presented at: ConVEx 2021

Where to find the video

For now, members of the Single-Sourcing Solutions Mastermind Groups can access the video and our answers to these questions on the members website. We may make our answers public at a future date. We have very different answers than you'd expect a consultant to give.

ConVEx attendees can watch the video via the conference site through September 2022.

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