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Summary: Liz Fraley of talks about how companies can successfully make the shift to single sourcing on the 10 Minute Tech Comm podcast

When you're first approaching single sourcing project and designing your information architecture, it can be daunting just to get started.

In this podcast, I talk about what single-sourcing is, why you do it, where you start, and give some examples about how to start thinking about what to do if you're faced with making it happen.

Podcast host Ryan Weber (Associate Professor Of English at The University of Alabama in Huntsville) and I had a long talk that got squeezed into this 10 minute segment that is just super-packed with information.

The success story I tell is a quick version of a longer story and only one of many.

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From the 10 Minute Tech Comm podcast

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basics, multichannel (omnichannel) publishing, single-sourcing

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