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Single sourcing is a simple idea that requires a very complex implementation. By leveraging XML technologies and single-sourcing methodologies, our experts have deep experience developing the systems necessary to support every member of your technical publications team.

Source, Architecture, Help, Documentation, and Training

Mission-Critical, Custom XML Applications in single-sourcing environments can help all the members of the technical publications team:

  • Authors can write content once and use it everywhere
  • Editors can run reports on content before sitting down with a hard copy
  • Production editors can automate production tasks
  • Everyone can Focus on Content, not Formatting

h2>Single-sourcing makes reuse possible

Content can be used multiple times within a single book or multiple times across multiple books. Writers and editors can focus on writing content, rather than formatting content. Reuse, automation, and the separation of content from format, improves the efficiency of every member of the technical publications team.

One Source, Many Outputs

Our consultants help customers output for all required mainstream output formats including: Web, CD-ROM, Palm, ebook, and Online Help. Through application-specific XML application development, we can produce other output formats tailored to your specific business requirements.

Vendor-Neutral, Platform-Agnostic

We can't tell you the number of times we've said to someone, "This isn't really for you. We think you should try...(some other product)"

Even though we're an Arbortext channel partner, we know it isn't for everyone or every situation. Our vendor-neutral, platform-agnostic approach guarantees that we design a system that is specifically tailored to your business needs. We help customers make the right choices every step of the way. We help you define requirements that let us choose the best tools and the best way to implement particular components.

From Analysis to Training

Our team begins with a complete analysis of your existing documentation set and business processes. We develop all initial applications and content management repositories, and then train your people on every component and every tool.

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