This month we're launching our PubWright Podcast: Voices from the Arbortext Community. Our first guest is Doug Wade. Doug is a Software Engineer employed by a large aerospace company in Southern California. He has been working with Structured Content for over 10 years.

Doug has been involved in Arbortext projects and Technical Writing for a very long time. He digs into products and technology like he's creating sandcastles at the beach. Doug has been a long-time advocate of spreading information. It's been my pleasure to know Doug for 9 or 10 years. I even did some work at a different division of the parent company of his "large aerospace company" and we collaborated with regard to our separate Arbortext projects.

Doug has always been a sharer of knowledge. I'm delighted he had time to share his experience, knowledge, and history with Arbortext and Technical Writing with us.


arbortext editor, community, single-sourcing, xml authoring

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