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SUNNYVALE, CA. - November 01, 2015 - Single-Sourcing Solutions opened memberships in the TPC Affinity Groups to the general public. This program, which has been running for the last 18 months for Single-Sourcing Customers only, has proven to be an essential resource to attendees.

"We found ourselves having the same conversation over and over with different customers," said Fraley, "and I kept thinking how beneficial it would be if they were all in the same conversation. We all solve the same problems, only in different orders. I'd have a conversation with one customer one month and then wish they were in a different conversation with a different customer the next month. There should be an easier, virtual, way for customers to share their experience and hard-won knowledge. The TPC Affinity Groups wer born in that moment."

Customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions have been working together to solve problems. "It's been most useful to our customers who are part of small teams or who have many different responsibilities," Fraley said. "When you're the only tools developer or stylesheet developer in a team or when you only have one or two other writers on your team to collaborate with, you struggle more. Just having other people to bounce ideas off of has been of tremendous value to our TPC Affinity Group members."

There are two types of memberships: Corporate and Individual. Individual members can attend the conference calls for either the Techcomm General or the Arbortext affinity group. Corporate members can attend all group calls as well as get 45-minutes free one-on-one time with a Single-Sourcing Solutions staff member.

"Several of our customer have told us that the 45-minutes with Liz is enough to justify membership," said Janice Summers, Director of Operations.

To find out more about the TPC Affinity Groups, please visit https://www.single-sourcing.com/tpc-affinity-groups/

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