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by Karie

One of the many advantages of storing content in XML is the ability to reuse it. The best way to ensure proper reuse is to store XML content in a component content management system like Arbortext Content Manager (aka Windchill).Arbortext Content Manager is completely integrated with Arbortext Editor to allow seamless, direct access between the XML editor and the content repository.

Want to find a reusable object in Arbortext Content Manager and insert it into your document? It's easy.

Here's what you do

Start by logging into Arbortext Content Manager.

  1. Select Object>Connect from the menu
  2. In the pop-up window, enter your Arbortext Content Manager credentials and select your workspace
  3. Click OK

Once you're back in Editor, insert the object into your document.

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert the content object
  2. Click Object>Browse to get the Arbortext Content Manager Browser window. This window provides a direct view into Arbortext Content Manager.
  3. Select the desired content object in the Arbortext Content Manager Browser window
  4. Click Insert

That's it. The content object is now referenced from your XML document. If appropriate, any renumbering is done in Editor automatically. When this content object is updated in the future, the changes will appear in this document automatically as well!

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