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We're doing our best to restart the Arbortext User group. We are preparing to launch this organization in coordination with the national PTC/User organization.

When Arbortext was acquired by PTC, a lot of things changed for existing Arbortext customers. We were used to speaking directly with Project Management and with Developers (when necessary), and we had a strong and successful relationship with our Sales Representatives.

After the acquisition, this changed dramatically. Sales Reps were replaced by VARs and many support calls were replaced by proposals for consulting work by PTC. A lot of this has to do with the way PTC has traditionally done business. It also has to do with the separation between PTC and PTC/User.

In this new structure, PTC expected that much of the user support and interaction for simple questions and implementation issues would be handled between users at local RUGs (Regional User Groups), through mailing lists, and the online PTC/User bulletin board.

After two years of adapting to the PTC world view and after becoming a PTC partner, we finally understand how to improve the experience of PTC/Arbortext users: We have decided to start one or more local user groups, to support the regions that our partnership with PTC defines.

The SFBay AUG is the first. If you're in the SFBay, and you want to be a part of this group, please see the meetup page. Local customers should also be receiving an invitation from the PTC Channel Sales manager. If you're in another region, we'll do what we can to help you get a RUG started in your area, too!

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