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For more information about how our library science background (and our love of all things metadata) guides the way we catalog information, see the Techcomm and Arbortext Resources page.

The Best USB Headsets for Audio and Web Conferencing

Updated: December 2018 If you work remotely, chances are you spend a lot of time on the phone, on web conferences, and virtual meetings. For you to be productive, the other end of the call has to be able to hear you clearly. There can’t be much in the way of…

New Slack Channels – TC Dojo and Arbortext Users

Slack reminds us of the old IRC channels, if anyone out there remembers those. Liz was invited to Slack pretty early on but resisted using it because she said it was so isolated. In its earliest days, it was mostly browser-based, every space was separate, and you could only see…

How to Identify DITA Topic Types (like a ninja)

When you’re new to DITA everything seems hard. Even choosing a topic type. New writers lean away from the specialized toward the generic. Teams get inconsistent structures for similar information across deliverables. In this session, Liz Fraley will show you one strategy for identifying topics—in legacy content and for new…

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Monthly Subscription. Business Members get full access to everything we do, plus 45-minutes private mentoring, and more.  

Individual Mastermind Membership (Annual)

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Business Mastermind Membership (Annual)

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Vote for TC Dojo Session Topics

Periodically, throughout the year, I look at the TC Dojo survey to see what topics and speakers are most in demand by techcomm professionals. Those topics are used to decide upcoming TC Dojo sessions. In 2018, soft-skills started appearing somewhere in the top 5 most requested topics. This is great…

UI/UX for technical communicators is the theme for TC Summer Camp 2017

I sit on the TC Camp board and am sponsoring the Structured Authoring workshop at TC Summer Camp in DC on September 9th. Every year, we ask what topic people want for the morning workshops. So far only one topic has been in the top of the voting for both…