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Key Concept Archive

For more information about how our library science background (and our love of all things metadata) guides the way we catalog information, see the Techcomm and Arbortext Resources page.

CafeĢ con UI: Integrating XUI Dialogs with a Java Backend

Arbortext Monster Garage, Season 2, Episode 13 Clay Helberg takes XUI to the next level. XUI dialogs can do a lot more than pretty up your Arbortext environment. When combined with Java, Javascript, or ActiveX, XUI dialogs in Arbortext become…

A Trip to the XUI: Basic XUI Dialogs

Arbortext Monster Garage, Season 2, Episode 12 Jason Aiken shows the basics behind customizing your Arbortext Editor User Interface to simplify the environment for you or your users. Using XUI dialogs, Jason shows how to use the sample files provided…