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In this demonstration, we explore a series of steps that can be used to create a title cover page images comprised of a continuous tone image (Photograph) and lineart. This technique is ideally suited for title cover page illustrations for a technical manual or publication. This type of technique was utilized in the 1950s-1970s where illustrators created lineart images on clear acetate on top of airbrush retouched photographic images to improve the visual impact of the image.

We will explore the basic operations involved with combining projections to create enhanced lineart images. After completing this demonstration, we will understand the advantages of associativity, be able to access the Image browser and apply an associative link to to 3-D CAD solid models. Next we will apply colors to selected assemblies, parts and apply 3-D projections to convert the 3-D data to a 2-D illustration. Next, we will apply adjustments to the Background layer and duplicate the associative link to the Standard layer. Then we will apply a 3-D Transformation to return to the 3-D environment where we will convert the image to 2-D lineart. Finally we will adjust the thick and thin pens as necessary and export the file as a raster image.

This demonstration is intended for Authors and Illustrators of technical information who work with 3-D CAD data and want to create title cover page illustrations.


  • The Advantages of Associativity
  • Access the Image browser
  • Apply an associative link (to a 3-D CAD solid model)
  • Apply colors to assemblies and parts
  • Apply 3-D Projections and convert to 2-D image.
  • Adjust the Background Layer
  • Duplicate the associative link
  • Apply 3-D Transformation
  • Convert to 2-D and apply Thick and Thin lines
  • Adjust Thick and Thin Pens as necessary
  • Export a file

About the Presenter

Rick Ernst was born in 1967 in Kitchener, Ontario. Rick attended Sheridan College where he studied Scientific (Technical) Illustration and Computer Graphics. Rick has more than 14 years of accomplished experience in the areas of Technical Publications and Illustration. Experience working with military, telecommunications and construction equipment standards. His related experience includes two years at PTC as a Technical Writer and less than a year at ITEDO as a technical support Engineer. At PTC he rewrote the Arbortext IsoDraw curriculum consisting of three courses: Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation, Arbortext IsoDraw CADprocess and Arbortext IsoDraw Update. Currently Rick works for Newbook Production Inc. as the training co-ordinator where he fulfills a variety of tasks to support customer learning, engagement, and training.

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Recorded: July 2010

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