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This presentation is focused on the customization of IsoDraw. It will consist of general examples of how macros can be used to simply common tasks, benefits of setting preference files, and advantages of using custom toolbars. The session will be divided into three main components: macros, preference files, and toolbars.

The first component will consist of suggested macro applications such as:

  • Custom macro that both saves source files and exports production files.
  • Centralized variable setting macro.
  • File clean-up routines.

The session's second component will focus on the advantages of setting preference files:

  • Consistency of file content.
  • Shared import and export settings.
  • The final portion will focus on creating toolbars.
  • Keeping toolbars user-friendly.
  • Categorizing tasks by use of various toolbars.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively create macros to streamline the processes of common tasks.
  • Set preference file to ensure consistency.
  • And finally, organize macros and common tasks into user-friendly toolbars.

About the Presenter

Trevor Hendricks is the expert in all things IsoDraw at Kohler — and everywhere else. Everyone in the IsoDraw community looks to Trevor for advice, suggestions, and guidance. Trevor can be found at the forums at PTC.com. We are delighted to have him presenting this month.

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Recorded: June 2010

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Key concepts

community, illustrations and graphics, ui customization

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